Unraveled Wednesday: Wanderlust
Snapshot: Janet

3TT: Sky view

Joining Carole & friends for Three Things on Thursday...

1 -- Saturday sky.


From a pontoon ride on the Upper Saint Croix Lake... this is just before we turned around and headed back to the dock. Threatening!

2 -- Sunday sky.


Again on the Upper Saint Croix, that's my cousin driving and Mack waving from the boat. Birthday Boy Addie is on the knee-board behind. Can you believe he's 12 today?

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

3 -- Wednesday sky.


More threatening weather late yesterday. I took this photo as I was getting into my car after work. I missed a downpour during a well-timed stop at the grocery store. Another deluge hit after I got home. There was a confirmed tornado in Green Bay, about 20 miles away; Ali's much closer and snapped a dramatic photo of her own.



What gorgeous skies!


Beautiful sky pictures! We've been getting some late afternoons (after work, sitting on the patio with a beverage) when the sky has that "Colorado look" (my opinion) - the blue is SO deep and the puffy white clouds are so beautiful. My phone never seems to be able to capture the colors all that well.


I'm sorry that some of these resulted in downpours and a tornado, but the skies themselves sure are beautiful. Intense and dramatic!


Great - and truly dramatic - sky photos!


Clouds never cease to amaze me, perhaps especially when they're storm clouds. I just hope when they come through I'm in a safe, dry place!


Such beautiful skies! So. Much. Drama. :-)
(12????? No. Way.)


Stunningly beautiful skies!! I just love August skies!


Your skies rival mine! We've had similar weather, but you win with cloud formations!

Kim Dean

All just beautiful.

Robin F

Beautiful pix. The quick change weather is typical here also. My fav shot is the lasst one

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