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Auntie Camp 2019: Day 3

Auntie Camp 2019: Day 2

It's a bit more of a challenge the past couple of years with the addition of Junah last year and Ginny this year, and the age difference between them and the boys. We make it work, but my documentary skills have fallen off a bit.

I threw t-shirts in the wash on Wednesday night, so we were ready to tie-dye right away on Thursday morning!


Oh my... this girl is growing up!!


Junah gets a little self-conscious sometimes and wanted to be away from the main action while he worked. He was very intent!


I had a panel set on some sawhorses for staging, a folding metal table that Mack & Addie used as their worktable, and had two perfectly sized small tables in the playhouse that I brought up for Junah & Ginny to use.

The boys had 10 shirts between them and the kiddos each had four... so 18 shirts we dyed! I'm still using many of the main supplies from the Dharma Trading Tie-Dye Little Group Kit that I bought a few years ago.

After cleaning up and lunch, Kate joined us and we met up with Ali & Malina to head up to Green Bay.

First stop, Bay Beach Amusement Park!


Junah's not much of a daredevil, but that worked out just fine! Ginny loved the Tilt-a-Whirl with Ali, Kate & Addie; Addie, Kate & Ali rode the Zippin' Pippin' roller coaster; some of us jumped on the carousel, and also on the longer of the train rides. Admission is free and ride tickets at this city-run amusement park are $.25 each, with most rides needing 1-2 tickets... the roller coaster requires all of 4 (so, $1/ride)! Seriously, it's the best deal in all the land. This year, someone handed us a fistful of tickets when we arrived, so I think I spent $5 (plus some concessions).

After Bay Beach, we headed over to Titletown, a park & development near Lambeau Field.


There are events & activities everyday, all year long, and on Thursday evenings in the summer it's a Night Market. Ali's been a few times and really enjoyed it, so we've had it on our list all summer. By the time we arrived, 1.5 hours after opening, her favorite food vendor was already sold out! We had to make do...


Hinterland accommodated us nicely... and refreshingly!

Then we headed over to the park for a bit...


The play area is AMAZING. There's equipment for all ages and abilities. And beyond that fence is a full-size football field open to all.

Ali took Ginny from there, so it was just the boys overnight at my house! We stopped at the store on the way home to get some Color Catchers in readiness for the reveal/conclusion of tie-dyeing on Day 3! We attempted to watch a Spiderman movie, but didn't get too far when Junah got a little scared... and then landed in our bed in the wee hours because of it! Holy cow, that boy is a flip-flopper and all arms & legs! Haha!



What a fun little amusement park! And, that play area! Wow - how perfect! I am really missing out on Auntie Camp!


I love how you make it work with all ages and stages; there's something for everybody and it's all loads of fun!


So. Much. Fun.
(No wonder you're exhausted . . . )


I get exhausted just reading about everything you did! So neat that you are able to make it work for all ages. What wonderful memories these kids will all have. The amusement park sounds amazing!


Sounds exhausting but fun, and all the kids will have such great memories of their childhoods. Good thing you had 🍻!🤣

Robby H.

That's a pretty full ticket, I'd say. And it appears that everyone had a good time (well, except that spider thing).


Wow! You've got so much fun in your area! Love the pictures Vicki!


Auntie Camp includes outings! You are very brave, Vicki.

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