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On the last day of Auntie Camp, we SEWED! I'd pre-washed all the fabric and, during less active times, I'd go into my workroom and cut it all to size for our PILLOWCASE projects! I'd watched a wonderful Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorial on YouTube and just needed to jot a few notes for myself... measurements and the order of things.

Each pillowcase requires up to three fabrics -- main, cuff, and a little trim piece. I'd had each of the kids choose only two fabrics at the store on Wednesday, and chose the third/trim piece for each at my discretion... and in order to preserve my sanity!

Junah didn't really want anything to do with sewing, so was happy to get a little TV time while Mack & Addie & I started to pin and sew.


Assembly line!


The boys did GREAT!! My new sewing machine is a Baby Lock Jubilant and one of the great features is speed control!

Luckily, Ann popped by and she took over the sewing while I started to rinse tie-dyed t-shirts on the driveway. They had to leave by early afternoon, and I was a bit rushed so I'm not thrilled with how they turned out (I'd have rinsed a bit more, washed at least one more time), but I have very little photographic evidence of the boys' shirts, anyway.


Those are some of Ginny's & Junah's, above (and more below), which I finished up in the afternoon.

You can tell what's seasonal at the fabric store by most of the kids' choices for their pillowcases:


Addie's is a less seasonal with the big checks. Ginny's is pink with llamas & cacti -- adorable! (She also chose some unicorn fabric...) Mack's is dogs in costume! And Junah's is just straight-up Halloween. The pillowcases were all finished with French seams, and they turned out so great! The boys loved sewing and I can't wait to scout some more projects for next year.

And then it was time for them to go... but, first, a pic!


Junah was photo-uncooperative again, but I snapped this one of all five kids as he made his exit (action shot)!


And, yes, Mack was just as smitten with Malina this year as last. So sweet.



Auntie Camp is one of your best ideas and I'm glad to see it every year. The pillowcases are a great idea and they look great, as do the shirts. This is one of those things that all the kids will remember and carry great memories.

Robin F

What a wonderful Auntie Camp! Something old and something new. What led to Jun's aversion to pix with the group? They are all growing so fast! How about tye-dye socks. Next sewing project--pj's or shorts.


Those pillow cases are so AWESOME! And, bravo to you for tackling sewing with them!


You are amazing and I loved reading about Auntie Camp. The pillow cases are a wonderful project for kids and I've tried that with my granddaughter too. She ended up making a few more on her own.


So Good!!! You have the best ideas for Auntie Camp each year and those kids will have amazing memories of such fun times. I love ALL the pics. And I wonder what's up with Junah and his sudden aversion to pictures? Maybe just a phase he is going through (with his strong personality - lol). I love that Mack is still smitten with the baby.


Do you have any interest in adopting me as a niece? Auntie Camp looks like so much fun! ;-)

Robby H.

That looks like a very packed and totally fun few days with the boys. You're definitely in the running for "BAE" (that's Best Aunt Ever?). Pajama bottoms or lounge pants might be fun for a next step.


I second the suggestion for pj pants or shorts - only a few pieces and straight seams. Looks like a fun time was had by all :)

Susanne Scheurwater

"Watching" those boys grow has been awesome! Auntie/Nona camp is such a success. Ginny has such a way about her, she is really something! (Of course you know that)
thanks for keeping us up to date with all your "kids"!


You got them all to look at you! Good job with very successfully Auntie Camp! I hope you got your feet up and a cool one shortly after they all left!

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