Auntie Camp 2019: Day 3
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Auntie Camp 2019: Recovery

I will continue to do Auntie Camp for as long as they're interested, and it will likely morph into Nona Camp at some point. I've hinted to Mack & Addie that they could be participatory camp counselors!

With the boys' departure on Friday, I still had the whole weekend ahead of me... and that was so nice! There was so much going on and things to keep track of that I'd actually written an itinerary and designated Saturday as a "Day of Rest." More accurately, I'd say that Saturday was a Day of Recovery in preparation for Sunday being a Day of Rest. Ha. Those couple of days to myself, more or less, were magnificent.

I sewed a pillowcase! I hadn't actually made one, myself, so got that out of the way right away on Saturday morning. There's still another one or two in my sights. And Ginny's "unicorn" project.

I took a nap! I cooked! I knit! I did laundry!

On Sunday, we attended Brunch down the hill at 313 Dodge, which was in collaboration with Kaukauna Coffee & Tea. Janel, Ali, and Kristin did an amazing job of it and I'm looking forward to the next one, likely in October (and, hopefully, not when I'm gone)!


It was all presented so beautifully! And what a great way to spend a couple of hours on a "recovery" Sunday.


There were even lavender sugar cookies packaged up for each of us to take home. (Yum.)

Since I really can't be completely idle, even in recovery/rest mode -- and, arguably, making & doing is actually a restorative practice for me -- I'd been gathering the last few necessary materials to finally tackle something that's been on my to-do list for a couple of years now.


Stencil cutting! I've had a stencil cutting tool kit for years and opened the package on Sunday for the first time. I'd ordered some stencil designs from The School of Making at Alabama Chanin, and had them printed. And, finally, a big roll of 10 mil mylar was delivered last week... ready, set, go!


I forgot that I'd actually intended to do the very straightforward Variegated Stripe Stencil for my first attempt at cutting, and instead randomly chose Paisley! Look at all those curves! Trial by fire, I guess... I certainly didn't think I'd get it cut in one session, but what did I know! It was fun & so rewarding! And I only singed myself a couple of times. :/ It's far from perfect, but it looks pretty darn good in the photo and I'm certain that once the fabric is painted, stitched, cut, and assembled into a garment, the flaws will disappear.

Speaking of Alabama Chanin... while my Car Coat project has not seen much action lately, I'm planning to continue working on it, and have cajoled Annie into having some virtual sewing sessions together! She still has a Swing Skirt project to finish. I'm also planning some other projects... another pair of Palazzo Pants, another skirt, and possibly another skirt. It hasn't all completely gelled yet... some of these will be big in physical size, but perhaps not so big/intense in the actual making.

Well, anyway, that's a wrap!


Until next year... Auntie Camp 2020!



A rousing, wonderful success, complete with plenty of productive rest and recovery!


I think you had an amazing week and created some incredible memories! I think that Mack and Addie will be bang up counselors!

Your stencil... wow! That looks lovely!


congratulations on another successful Auntie Camp ... and on designing the perfect recovery/re-entry plan for yourself!


What a fabulous time! Your stencil looks fabulous. That last picture of Gin - guessing she had had enough? LOL

Robby H.

In athletics, there is a concept called "active recovery" which is a recovery day where you do a light workout without any intense exertion. I think you've found the creative version of that!

The stencil looks great, and straight lines are really pretty challenging unless you have a ruler you can use. So why not start with those beautiful curves? Now you're ready for almost anything.


Love it! What a nice couple of recovery days...booping around and doing exactly what you wanted!


I love the stencil pattern! I think as long as you're up to it, why not go for something challenging? Clearly it went okay, so diving it headfirst wasn't an issue.


So happy to hear you had some good R&R!

Kim Dean

You amaze me.

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