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Clear the deck

I had the weekend to pretty much do as I wished, but was at sixes and sevens... I was in and out of my workroom... with THIS on the table, then THAT. Nothing was clicking or feeling good. Then I realized that my space was still cluttered up with unfinished PILLOWCASES!


So I set right into making pillowcase burritos, and voila!


Four new pillowcases for the kiddos made from leftovers, remnants and/or thrift store finds (one of the local St. Vinnie's has a pretty nice craft section and the fabric pieces are all marked in terms of inches/yardage).

Clearing the deck really helped me see more clearly.


And what I really wanted to do was cut another stencil. So I did.



I just LOVE those pillow cases! So fun! But your stencil! Gah! It's awesome!


You Go Girl! I just love those pillowcases - fun and the kids will love them. I'm in awe of your stencil....


Those pillowcases are great, and they look like sewing that even I could handle! Add me to the admiring crowd that is in awe of your awesome stencil-cutting!


The pillowcases are fantastic, I love the peace signs and arrows. I have to pick out fabric for recovering the seat for my sewing table and you've given me some great inspiration.


Making ones own pillowcases! That's exactly what I need to do. I truly dislike the sizes and colors of pillowcases that are available in the stores. Now to unearth my machine and figure out the next step.

Robby H.

I've made a few of those pillowcases and each time I feel so clever at the end of one. That stencil is cool, looking forward to seeing what you do with it.


So much fun! Would you say that a pillowcase is a good beginner project? I'm wondering if it's something I could handle.


Sometimes it helps to "clear the decks" so you can get to what you're REALLY wanting to do! I love the pillowcases, Vicki. I'm thinking I might want to try some myself. Where did you get the pattern (or instructions)? XO

Robin F

I love the burrito method of making pillow cases. What fun fabrics you used. That stencil is awesome. Where will it end up?


so much LOVE for those pillowcases!! and I would love to know where you found the pattern. We're planning an overnight with Charlie for his birthday. and Marc is picturing a trip to Home Depot for Bird House supplies. and me to JoAnns for a pillowcase. :-) #grandparentdreams

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