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Macro Monday: LEGO

We had the majority of our house's exterior painted last month -- all the siding, the 2nd/3rd floor windows, and the 2nd/3rd floor gables. The lower windows & trim and the garage were left for Rusty; he got started on that job last week and has been working on the front/north side of the house.

Once upon a time, there was a big wrap-around porch, but it's been a small "Greek Revival" style porch ever since we moved in. It was well used, back in the day, our kids and the neighbor kids played with LEGOs, Barbies, American Girl dolls, and stuffed animals, among other things -- every inch of that porch would be covered with stuff some days! You could barely open the door, and our former mail carrier still talks about it! Sometimes the kids would set up on the back porch, or either of the neighbors' porches... I'm not sure what determined the location each day, but it was very fluid.

Anyway, Rusty found this yesterday in the dirt next to the front porch:


While he was working on this:


That's both the up-side and the down-side to DIY! I'm happy that he knows how to fix it and is still willing... and not even grumbling about it!


It's all looking very nice and fresh with a new coat of paint. We had a lovely weekend, too!



I've always loved the colors of your house and it looks beautifully freshened up now. I bet that lego has been there a very long time!


I love your house too. It looks so inviting. I used to dread stepping on a Lego piece in my bare feet. OUCH!!!


That's modern archaeology right there!


Yay for Rusty being home :-) and for the TLC on your house. It looks fresh and ready for another 20-30 years ... and I'm sure more LEGOs!

Robby H.

Isn't it amazing what fresh paint does for a place? Sometimes I think it's not needed and then BOOM, look at that!


I love that excavated Lego, the colors of your house, and that espaliered tree!


Bravo for husbands that can do - and do! That Lego... brilliant photo!


Now your lego can be passed on to a new generation! Having a husband who can do most of the work on a house that needs to be done is a BIG bonus. The architecture of the porch is very cool!

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