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Macro Monday

Last week, I completely forgot about Macro Monday and I never found the time (or maybe inspiration) (or possibly energy) to do it on another day.

I just returned from a weekend with two cousins, a cousin-in-law, two first cousins once-removed and the girlfriend of one of them, my sister, my brother-in-law, and two nephews. (A good time was had by all!)

There was a parcel on the porch upon my return, and this week, I'm very excited about the possibilities presented/promised by this:


Three photos of three new colors of embroidery floss from Alabama Chanin. Charcoal, Slate, and Eggplant. I'm not sure the Eggplant will work with my Car Jacket, but the other two most definitely will. I'm ready to get back to that project for another 100-200-300 however-many-hundreds-of-days it'll take to finish it.

I hope you all had a great weekend, and a good Monday (macro or otherwise)!



Ooh, macro + inspiration is a great combination (and they are beautiful)!


I love how you captured the texture and shine of that embroidery floss. Hope the cousins weekend was fun!


Beautiful! That's a nice surprise to come home to (and I'm glad to hear that you went to visit with family!).


These are truly inspiring Macro Monday photos! Well done! (and I just love those wooden spools!)


I have the slate (and a variegated) and need to get back to stitching my AC-T! You inspire. Not sure I can/will focus enough to work 15 minutes a day, but think I'll take the challenge with you and try!


Ooooooo! What beautiful colors! (She said, heading to the Alabama Chanin website.) XO

Robin F

The floss looks yummy. What is the fiber? The eggplant should make a great pop of color on your project. I'm glad you made it to the family retreat. It seems to have lifted your spirits, hopefully it will last thru the week.


Gorgeous colors! Love these. Glad you got away for the weekend!

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