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Unraveled Wednesday: Wanderlust

Joining Kat & the Unravelers today, sharing what I'm knitting and reading.


There's an FO... it's for Christmas, even!



These originally started as another pair of Tin Can's Rye Socks, but I discovered that I was knitting an adult/toddler mash-up using two sets of numbers... not at all what I was going for!

Mason-Dixon Knitting Field Guide No. 11 - Wanderlust had recently been published, and I decided it was time to try something a little different. The patterns in Wanderlust are all written for fingering/sock yarn and I still wanted to use worsted, so I adjusted needle size, numbers, and the panel pattern repeat accordingly.


These were my first short-row heels, too, and I like them!


Since I was going up north for a couple of days -- driving up on Saturday and back on Monday, 4.5+ hours each way -- I brought four knitting projects. Haha. (I'm not kidding.) I pulled my knitting out only twice -- socks both times -- on Sunday night and Monday morning when it was just my cousin Gail and I, and I knit the entire foot while we chatted.


In the elements. I forgot how pine-y it smells up there.

And, yes, I'm happy that I went. I took a 20-minute car nap on the way up, and wove in and out of downpours all the way home, but in between we had a great time. Good company, good food, boating, lots of yapping.


Since I last checked in...

The Summer Walkers is still on my nightstand.

I finished my second listen of Lincoln in the Bardo, and enjoyed it just as much if not more the second time around.

On my long drive last weekend, I listened to most of Daughters of the Lake by Wendy Webb. I'm less than an hour from finishing and there are definitely some things I like/relate to in the story, but there are also some things that I'm not crazy about (not quite eye-rolling, but close...)




I read Lincoln in the Bardo but I've been thinking of listening to it to get that experience as well. Conversely, I listened to Daisy Jones and the Six and now I'm thinking of reading it. I'm glad you had a good time with your family and I can just smell those pine trees!


Those socks are so pretty, especially photographed in the pine-y north! I think all of us understand packing four projects; a knitter never wants to get stuck without something to work on (hey, it could happen)!


Yep - four projects might have been a little conservative! You never know. What if you got STUCK up in the piney woods? (Is that not the best scent ever??). The socks are so pretty Vicki.

"The Summer Walkers" still sounds so intriguing to me. I could not get into Lincoln in the Bardo, but maybe I should try listening to it.


Gorgeous socks, Vicki! :-) And I loved Lincoln in the Bardo even MORE (if that's possible) the 2nd time around! XO

Robin F

Love your yarn, great color combo. The trees and pine needles remind me of upstate NY. I've tried 3 times to read Lincoln in the Bardo with no luck. I'm glad your trip north was so fun.


Worsted weight socks must be so satisfying to knit because they're so fast! I think I've only done it once, when I was purposefully knitting them to make felted slippers. But now you have me thinking about doing them again as gifts.


Wow! A Christmas knitting finish? That's great! So, perfect for toasty toes on Christmas morning!


Oh the piney smelling north woods. We didn't get there this summer so I am enjoying it vicariously through your post. Those tall pines - so beautiful. They are the perfect backdrop for your socks. Hooray for one Christmas gift ready to go.

Robby H.

Love the yarn! Four knitting projects sounds about right. I mean, a girl needs options.


I love those socks! (and eagerly await the photo of said socks on busy feet!) And, I am so glad you decided to head up for some 'cousin time' - it looks and sounds like you had a marvelous weekend!


It's so great to get away! Love the socks. I've got a pair of Rye socks about three-toe-rows away from being finished. Vacation next week...they will be done!

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