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I'm in a slump. Trying hard to dig out...

Here are some good things:


I took Ginny to dance class on Wednesday. She was the only one in class that day, and Junah had an open invitation to join... but he still will not! And that's fine, even humorous at this point. He loves to watch, though.


Earlier that day, I'd made Junah's vest to coordinate with the girls' dresses. It turned out GREAT... except that I will never make another thing for any of those kids without first taking measurements. This size 7 vest barely fits my 5.5 yo grandson! I had him try it on for button placement and, well, they'd be purely ornamental!


Since she was here, I had Ginny try on her dress, too. And same! Size 4 dress is a bit snug around the bodice on this 3yo. I may do a loop closure for the button...


We decided to go to the drive-in and pick up supper... ice cream first!!  There's a reason that vest turned out too small!  ;)  They acxtually did an OK job with the hot dog & chicken tenders that followed.


We headed out back and they tossed branches and walnuts down the hill, and this is what happened when I asked for a photo. Awwww.


Little sis was helping her dad with some stuff at home, but I still need to share her sweet face.

I am at sixes & sevens this weekend... torn between making a huge solo drive to NW Wisconsin for a gathering of cousins or staying home to get some stuff done. I keep reminding myself that I've regretted not going to these types of things before. My cousin Gail who organized it all is very excited, and I'd really feel bad letting her down. I haven't seen her or her brother in quite a few years. It's a drive (5-hr one-way) I've made a lot over the years, but not for quite some time and even longer since I did it alone. I've downloaded some audio books (I finished the second listen of Lincoln in the Bardo this morning), and I'm thinking of taking a different route, maybe scoping out some new-to-me yarn shops on the way just to keep it interesting. I made and shared this Knitting, Yarn, and Fiber in Wisconsin Google Map almost 12 years ago to the day in the On Wisconsin! board on Ravelry, and it's been a while since I actually used it myself. I keep getting update suggestions & thanks from people who do use it, though.

Well, I'm feeling a little better about going having just laid it out there. I have Monday off, so I don't have to rush back (though I do have that option).

Heh. Have a great weekend, all!


Patrice E Switzer

Hi Vicki, I'm glad you have almost talked yourself into going, because I was going to urge you not to miss it. Not that urging from a stranger has ANY weight, but family gatherings, especially those that don't involve a funeral are so precious. It's so nice to have the focus be on connecting and celebrating. And your drive sounds amazing!!
Have a wonderful time :)

Robby H.

Wishing you uneventful travel and a marvelous visit with all the people you hope to see.


I hope you have a good weekend, no matter whether you stay or go. I'm debating whether to make a two-hour drive to the shore tomorrow, but that's not anywhere near your drive, plus it's so easy to talk myself out of anything that involves shore traffic. (It does kind of sound like you might regret it if you don't go.)

Those pictures of the kids are just wonderful, but I hope the photo shoot is soon before they grow any more!


It sounds like you're ready to make that trip and I bet you'll be glad you did. 5 hours of driving with a great audio book isn't all bad. Plus yarn. And cousins. Save travels to you! And those grandkids of yours are just so adorable!


It's a long drive, but it sounds like it will be worth it. As much as I hate driving, I'd love dedicated time to listen to a good audiobook!

The grandkiddos are adorable. I wouldn't worry about that ice cream -- that's calcium for their growing bones!


Things I have never regretted in life... staying home to clean the house.

Things I have regretted deeply.... not going.

I hope this finds you well on your way my friend! Have an AWESOME weekend

Robin F

It's hard to be in a slump with those wonderful grandkids and those smiles. I hope you drive to the family get together, even tho it's far. Maybe family time will lift your spirits.


Oh I hope you went! And, I want to hear all about it - including yarn shopping.

Your grandchildren are just so darn beautiful...and fun. The dress looks adorable on Gin and Jun is obviously so happy with his vest. Fabulous job Vicki! And Malina - she has the sweetest smile. She looks so calm and peaceful (I'm sure that is not the case ALL the time - ha!).

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