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Birds on a wire

I'm always grateful for that lovely farm across the road, and this morning the birds were flying in and lining up... looking picturesque. (Full disclosure: I quickly edited out a car and a bunch of houses across the field... it looks so much nicer this way!)


A bunch of stuff has already been edited out of this photo... two trees (and two more that were on either side of where I'm standing), and a sad & sagging brick walkway... with much more to come. This is the street in front of the coffee shop. After a street party this weekend, it'll get torn up door-to-door... new street, new sidewalks, new parking arrangements. It's going to be a pain for the next several weeks, but nice & spiffy when it's finished. And hopefully that's the end of this kind of stuff for a long, long time.


This stencil is taking up almost my entire worktable! It's called "Large Paradise" and it is definitely large. I'm hoping to finish the cutting tomorrow and clear the deck... momentarily, anyway, I have things to do!!


Tomorrow's a day off, which means... oil change, lunch date, errands, laundry, book club (maybe).



Lots of work going on, of all types! (It seems to me like they just worked on the street in front of the coffee shop.) Have fun in (Large) Paradise!


Editing photos matters, good for you for removing the stuff that's not so pretty. I admire your plans for your day off. I tend to hibernate at home!


Ha! Like Carole, I would hibernate at home on a day off. And, like Bonny, I thought they already did the street work? Maybe that was somewhere else.

Now I've got Bird on a Wire stuck in my head (not a bad ear worm if you have to have one though).

What are you going to do with the stencil? Will it be part of your car coat?


Love that stencil and can't wait to see what you do with it!

I hope the road work goes quickly. It's always a pain, but it's usually worth it.


I love watching the birds flocking in the fall - our backyard is covered with birds seeking out seeds and when I take Sherman out, they all race to the wires!


I just love a good birds-on-a-wire shot! :-) And . . . I thought the streets were already all torn up in front of the coffee shop??? Or was that JUST your house I'm remembering . . . and not the coffee shop? Anyway -- I hope the work is quickly finished, with new spiffy parking-and-driving available soon.


Like the way the sidewalk is a wandering path instead of just straight. Here's to quickly done work and a lovely finish! No one gets stuff done like you do, but then no one does as much as you do in a week!

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