Weekending: Hankies

Five Days In

Ninety-five to go! #100moredaysknitorious2019


The photo above was taken Wednesday while I hung out in the cell phone lot at O'Hare for over an hour. I would have been really mad if I hadn't had something to do... though I did manage a pretty good nap, too.

The photos above are where I was on Sunday when I began. I've been stitching everyday and trying not to over-think it. I may have to bust out the beads pretty soon, though, just to get the visual/balance.


It was a beautiful day for a drive, and I began by driving my favorite route down the east side of the lake -- two lanes, farm country, great views.

Kate's back from the UK, but with a cold! Thankfully, she's not scheduled for work until tomorrow so has been able to rest and recover a little bit. She brought YARN!! I'll share that next week -- a hank for me and two for her. It must truly be autumn now because, like clockwork, Kate's got the urge to knit!

Last night, in addition to working on my jacket, I mended a shirt that's been out of commission for quite a few years. It's an all-time favorite, so it's been taking up space in my (very small) closet even though I haven't worn it. I went in search of matching thread on Tuesday and came home with two very excellent contenders. I'm glad I bought both because it's really all about the lighting (and they were 50% off, so it was basically 2-for-1).

In the photo at left, I've already repaired one very very tiny hole (can you see it? click for big), and one of the larger ones has been done in the photo at right. They're not perfect, but they'll do. Honestly, I've had to hunt down the similar repairs that I made in a black dress -- I think black is more forgiving, anyway, but still... I made those mends, you'd think I'd have no problem find them again!


Here, they're all finished. I used a hoop, which I never do, but it's how I was taught... and next time I'm going to try without because I feel like it almost made another hole (even though it wasn't stretched or clamped tightly at all). Anyway, this will be laundered today or tomorrow, then worn tomorrow night to a talk about The History of the Handkerchief, the closing event for the textile show SURFACING, which was also related to the Visible Mending Workshop that I attended earlier this month -- all blogged about here -- and where a few of my fellow workshop attendees will also be present and I can show off! (Haha. I'm not much of a show-off... too much... usually... this might be worthy.)

Anyway, that's what I've been doing all week: working, driving, sewing.

I present this, sent to me yesterday, to end on a high note:


Ali says, "This is baby's face when I say 'smile'!"


Have a great weekend!!



I just love seeing your stitching! And so cool going back to Appleton for that lecture (I would love to attend that) and to SHOW OFF your mending!! Can't wait to see the yarn that Kate brought back. Finally...Those GIRLS!!!! They are too much.


That looks like joy not just "smile" to me. One really great photo that's for sure. And the mending, sometimes small fixings like those can bring great satisfaction.


You are taking your #100moredays seriously stitching in the cell phone lot! I've taken/picked up people to/from airports five times in the past four weeks, and knit while waiting, but also spent several hours tracking down missing luggage (it was eventually found). I do hope you'll tell us about the History of the Handkerchief, and keep sharing those delightful smile photos!


Those grand daughters heart stealers, so darn cute.


That face! LOVE!! Such exuberance is priceless! And, I am enjoying watching your stitching unfold!


That picture! Ooooh, so much SASS! I don't know if it's the same at all but I was taught to cross stitch with a hoop and then someone I greatly admire told me to try stitching without it. Once I got used to it I never went back to the hoop. Such freedom!


Oh, those faces are so precious! I hope they keep that sass as they get older!


Great mending job. The picture of the girls is priceless. Love those faces.


So . . . I had a few things to say about your lovely stitching . . . but all that went by the wayside when I saw those darling girls. OH, MY HEART. It is absolutely melting right now. XO


Oh my goodness!!
I love that photo❤️❤️❤️


That is one happy baby!! I like the way your jacket is looking and love seeing the #100moredaysknitorious2019 updates (here or on IG). I'm more than a week behind (at least) and love everything about this post!!

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