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Joining Carole & friends for Three Things on Thursday...



It's snowing! I don't know what that's going to mean tonight... but I don't have any candy, anyway! That's what happens when Halloween candy is promoted on the heels of "back to school," and I think I have all the time in the world. I don't want to buy too soon because, y'know...

There was a collaborative effort in making the Halloween decorations for the coffee shop this year. I just love that smiley pumpkin. And that's a preschool Kate as Raggedy Ann!




The plants have all been moved inside, including the ones that were on the porch of the apartment. Airbnb guests really seem to enjoy the plants! (See the snow on the porch roof? You can see just a bit of the kids' playhouse, and the lights on the pergola, too.)


Among the amenities we provide are tiny jars of Bonne Maman preserves (to go with the English muffins). When I remember, as I'm cleaning up, I pull them from the recycling bin and... lookie there, they're the perfect size for a couple of tablespoons of the Alabama Chanin Silver Fox beads+sequins mix to go a'travelin'! I forgot that I had that mix and I think I want to use some of those elements (probably not the gold) on my Car Jacket.

3 -- READY, SET...


I can't believe it's only going to be 77F tomorrow when we arrive in Arizona. Hahahahaha!

I may or may not be blogging while we're away... we'll see! If not, I'll be back on track a week from today for another 3 Things on Thursday.



Robby H.

I saw someone comment a while back that "If you're buying Halloween candy before October 15th, you're just buying candy." Which kinda goes with that dilemma you mentioned about buying too early. We haven't had kids come for 3 years. We made the executive decision to leave the porch light off and not buy candy so we're not the ones eating it. It's icy and snowy here, so I think we're probably safe with this decision. Have a great trip!


LOVE! Safe travels and have an amazing week! XO


Love the picture of Kate!! And scrolling back through your earlier posts that I missed, that has to be the sweetest picture of Gin sleeping. Melts my heart. And Malina! I think she is going to be a real ham.

Safe travels and have fun - cannot wait to see/hear all about your trip. I LOVE the Grand Canyon.


Since it's so cold here we're hoping the kids won't bother, but then, they rarely show up anyway. Happy, safe, and joyful travels!


We have lots of rain and wind here today. People have actually suggested postponing Halloween. Ummmmm. No. We hardly ever get any trick or treaters anyway, I expect tonight we'll only have our neighbors 3 kids and Jackie. And that's just fine with me. Have a fabulous trip, enjoy that weather in Arizona!


Bon voyage, Vicki! Have a great Arizona trip. XO
And good for you for avoiding the candy-trap! We had a big wintry-mix going last night, so it didn't look like a terribly comfortable trick-or-treat experience for the kids . . . but they didn't seem to mind at all.
(I love Kate as Raggedy Ann! Erin was Raggedy Ann in preschool, too. Such a cute costume!)


It's probably too late to send this but it's been getting down to 45 at night here in Palm Springs as well as parts of Arizona so bring a sweater. Have a great time.


Have a wonderful trip -- soak up all that Vitamin D!


I sure hope you're enjoying all that SUNshine!! I am (at least vicariously through your IG feed) ;-)

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