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3TT: Thursday Things

Joining Carole & friends for Three Things on Thursday...

1 -- This is the last photo taken with my old phone, a.k.a. Rusty's new phone!


The way it works around here is that when someone wants an upgrade, that usually means me! Rusty had a pretty basic phone and, since he's become more active on social media, mainly wanted a better camera to take photos of artwork.

Anyway, I had a hair appointment yesterday and, nope, I wasn't ready to think about going shorter. Thinned and trimmed and curled! I love a good hair day... especially when the sun is shining!

It's been awful/so rainy around here and, I know you're sick of hearing about it, but the stupid street/sidewalk project in front of the coffee shop is still not finished! It's been dismal, disheartening, depressing... weekday sales are down anywhere from 30-70%... they're trying some new things/promos... chin up & fingers crossed! 

2 -- This is one of the first photos taken with my new phone!


Portrait mode, even. I've got some learning to do!! I've been a Samsung girl for about as long as I've had a cell phone... but that ultra wide angle camera, ease of traveling and connecting with certain family members, more functionality in some apps... led me to go with an iPhone for the first time!

Rusty & I will be on our way to Arizona a week from tomorrow! That trip includes a tour to the Grand Canyon, and it sounds like we'll be driving out to Oatman with Rusty's brother & sister-in-law. I wanted a little time to get used to the new phone/camera before the trip. The Grand Canyon seems like the perfect place to use the ultra wide!

3 -- Autumn.


We had quite a storm on Monday -- sideways rain and wind from the east, then from the south -- it was crazy. Lots of leaves fell, as has the temperature since then. It's inevitable, of course, but the temps are definitely on the downhill slide toward winter. Right around the time we hit our first "high in the 30s" day, we'll be heading south...

_ _ _ _ _

Just a quick housekeeping note. The current Make.Do website expires tomorrow and I've decided not to renew. I will keep the domain and... we'll see. Many good things happened in the past year because of that site, and I thank everyone who ordered yarn or totes or Field Guides or 'zines (there are still some listed, including the sold-out "Florida" issue of Nomadic Knits). Truthfully, it turns out that it's just a bit more than I am able or willing to juggle. When it comes right down to it, given the choice of dyeing yarn/updating the website or hanging out with my kids/grandkids... um, there's no contest! I'll continue to dye yarn now & then, and sell goods at the Make.Do space within Kaukauna Coffee & Tea... you can find me there! I'll also offer up some yarn here on occasion before taking it to the shop, if you'd like.



I used to have long hair when I was young but gave it up when I thought it made me look old. If I had gorgeous hair like yours that was as flattering as yours I would grow it out again! You look wonderful.


Wow, your hair looks fabulous! Phones work that way around here, too, with Dale getting my old one when I upgrade. I am so tempted to get the iPhone 11 but I'll probably hold off a bit since I've only had my current phone for a year. Sorry about those cooler temps. We're still warming up into the 60s most days and only dropping into the 40s at night. I'll take it for as long as it lasts!


I've never subscribed to the notion that getting older means having to cut your hair short. And I don't believe short hair is any easier -- it just means you have to cut it more often! I'm happy with my long hair, even if it does take time to style, because I can always just pull it up and out of my face. I think yours looks gorgeous and wouldn't change a thing!


You look wonderful in the last photo, and Ginny looks so very happy in the first photo! I hope you have fun getting used to your new phone; the Grand Canyon sounds like a pretty good place to take some photos with it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the rain stops and the construction gets finished - soon!


Your hair looks marvelous! (and don't cut it! I did and I have truly regretted it!) And, welcome to the iPhone world! I did get the new phone in September and I really love the updates to the camera!

And, smiling Ginny should be the first picture on EVERY phone!


You'll be comfortable with your new phone before you know it! The blustery weather is here, too. Definitely flannel sheets and furnace days . . . And your hair looks MARVELOUS! XO

Julia in KW

Wow! I almost feel like I could have written this post myself...except I haven’t done all the things you’ve done in the last day...but hair - same...I am really enjoying it being mid-shoulder me some options! Phones work the same in our house...I upgrade and the trickle-down effect happens to my husband...who is not as keen as me to have the newest thing...I see an upgrade happening for me in December I think...but makes total sense for you to figure it out before going on such a great “visual” experience trip...enjoy!


Your hair looks great. I can't imagine you changing it. You're going to LOVE the Grand Canyon and I'm looking forward to your pictures. I'm especially sad about the coffee shop and have my fingers crossed. You have so many colors and shapes to your leaves!


YAY for good hair days (and most definitely for AWESOME ones :-) Also YAY on the new phone (we're iThings all the way around here) and especially that camera!! I feel like you're giving Rusty a phone with a lot of good memories ... and much potential for capturing many more :-)

Sending all the good wishes for the coffee shop and getting the construction/repairs finished. soon!!

Constance Ward

Your hair looks amazing! We were at/in the Grand Canyon last summer on a 6 night, 7 day river trip (187.6 miles!) and it was THE single most awe-inspiring, magical adventure. Hope you find yourself stunned at the beauty, history and grandeur. If you have time, a visit to Zion's Park in Utah will take your breath away also.
On another note, might you have a copy of Nomadic Knits Florida remaining?
Have a wonderful, safe and magnificent trip.

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