Weekending: Making Plans

Hitting The Road

It's been almost two years since Kym & I met in Nashville and drove to Florence, AL, to attend a 3-Day Alabama Chanin Workshop. We've been talking since January* of meeting up again, and in April, we started to firm up plans.

Lemme tell ya, it would be a whole lot easier to do this if it wasn't for the big puddle in between us!


As the crow flies, there's about 200 miles/3 hours between us.
As the car drives, it's closer to 350 miles/7.5 hours + Chicago craziness.

We talked about "meeting in the middle," but that sort of means "Chicago," and while I LOVE Chicago, there would be challenges in finding a place that would be suitable for our activities... such as, oh, painting a bunch of fabric with stencils and an airbrush... which means using an air compressor and needing space! Heh. It could get a little noisy and/or a little messy. How do you do that at a hotel? I don't mind doing that in my own back yard or garage, but it would be tricky to find an accommodating short-term rental house, especially since we've never taken this show on the road and who knows?? (As an Airbnb host, myself, I would love to field a request like that!)

Not be thwarted, we decided to meet in Michigan; Kym's suggestion of a trip to their cottage was great enticement! We decided on dates in October... and here we are!

I would fly if I wasn't bringing a bunch of over-sized stencils, a box of paints, and an air compressor, not to mention fabric yardage and sewing supplies, along with my suitcase and pillow. I thought of driving around the north end of Lake Michigan instead of south, and even though it's a much "easier" drive it's also much longer -- 9 hours of straight-up drive time!! There are a couple of ferry services between WI & MI, but they are a) pretty pricey, b) seasonal, and c) have very limited arrival/departure times at each port.

So, driving it is. I'm on my way this morning, and hopefully my timing through Chicago will be spot-on for stress avoidance. Wish me luck!

Stay tuned for updates.

*This makes me laugh a little. Apparently, we are long-term planners... Our workshop & lodging in Alabama were booked over a year in advance!



Have fun!!! I can't wait to see what creative things you both come up with!




You and Kym together will be a creative AC duo for sure! Safe travels, good luck, and I can't wait to see updates!

Robby H.

Ya, that air compressor wouldn't raise any TSA questions. Not at all. Wishing you safe travels, a breezy trip through Chicago and much creative goodness.


I hope you got to spend some time in Nashville. My hometown; I love it so.


How wonderful! I'm so happy for you, you are going to LOVE the cottage Up North. Enjoy!


Have a wonderful time! I can't wait to see what projects you come back with!


Have a wonderful time!


JEALOUS!!! LOL Have fun and safe travels. Cannot wait to see and read all about what you and Kym do.


Have a blast!!

Margene Smith

The intrepid Alabama Chanin stitchers from WI and MI getting it together for a crazy weekend of painting and stitching hi-jinx. I'm looking forward to the headlines!!

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