Unraveled Wednesday: Yarn from Scotland
Weekending: Making Plans

Resting On Cute

It just seems a bit of a whirlwind around here lately. It's all good, I'm just having a hard time stringing my thoughts in any coherent fashion.

Alison to the rescue! She & Rod took the kids to a pumpkin patch earlier this week, and here a few photos she shared (photo cred for the entire post goes to Ali!). I'd have loved to gone along, but the way it's been around here (i.e., RAINING ALL THE TIME), you do that stuff when you can.


Ginny & Junah had a little pumpkin patch of their own this year, and here's their harvest (minus a few that they've already sold or given away):


They brought me a pretty big one a couple of weeks ago and Junah admonished me for picking it up by the stem!

Meanwhile, this arrived in my in-box a little while ago:


HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!! Have a good weekend!



How did all your grands get so big and so darn cute?! (Roller skates really complete the outfit!)


Cute grandkids always make for a great post!


Adorable! And someone looks quite pleased with her outfit!


WHAT FUN!!!! Ginny and her footwear! I just ADORE her. (I love the other 2 adorable kiddos, too, y'know. But that Ginny just has a special place in my heart.) XO


Okay, the bonnet is just BEYOND.


Ginny is just so fun. Great shots and obviously a fun family day!

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