Unraveled Wednesday: What's up

Signs of the times


A favorite picturesque tree, located across the street from work... in a very non-picturesque location. I can see it from my desk, and sometimes it GLOWS.

One of my hostas... I love that plant at every stage!

Heavy wet snow overnight was stuck to everything this morning.



I hope it melts quickly! It's too soon!


WAY too soon for snow. Even if it's just the heavy wet stuff. And even if it is nearly November! I love my hostas right now -- they are glowing yellow and gold. (Hope that snow melts QUICKLY.) XO


The first two photos are lovely but I didn't expect that third one! Time to head to the sun and warmth in AZ!


Oh man. Darn that snow! It is WAY too early for that nonsense!


I hope when the snow melts, that beautiful tree still has most of its leaves!

Robby H.

That tree is gorgeous. We missed out on colors this year. We had a freak storm that took things from just barely turning to frozen, brown and on the ground in 48 hours. And we are on our third snowstorm in October, which is not remotely normal. Do you need someone to carry your bags in AZ? Asking for a friend. (cough)


OK, I much prefer the first photo to the last one - hope it melts quickly!!


The tree knew it was needed in that spot! It improves everything around it. Enjoy your view. That snow have me chills. I hope it stays away from OH & NYC til I get home to FL.


You're now going through the stages we had two weeks ago. I hope the bitter cold passes you by!

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