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Unraveled Wednesday: What's up

Joining Kat & the Unravelers today, sharing what I'm knitting and reading.


Without photographic evidence, I have finished a pair of Maize Mittens for Junah... that fit Ginny! He actually wanted fingerless mitts (as he reminded me), so I've begun again... sized up this time!


That kid has paws, so these are Adult S! I added a few rows between the ribbing and the start of the thumb gusset on this pair... I think they'll fit the hand better.


I'll get at least another couple of pair of these from the hank I'm working on... it'll be my travel knitting!


The beading has begun...


Every once in a while, I realize the enormity of this project... and, before I'm paralyzed by that thought, I quickly shift my focus to THE.THING.I'M.WORKING.ON.RIGHT.NOW. In this case, one of the back pieces. This will not be travel sewing. For that, I've grabbed the pockets, pocket flaps, and collar.


Still somewhat stalled, partly because of getting a new phone! I've finally downloaded The Unwomanly Face of War: An Oral History of Women in World War II by Svetlana Alexievich (audio), and really need to reacquaint myself with my Audible queue! I hope to have some listening time while on vacation.

I like to bring an actual book along, too. I'm about 20 pages from the end of The Bright Hour by Nina Riggs and, even if I don't finish before departure, I'll want to bring something else along... and it'll be this:


I became aware of Allison Moorer because of mutual friends & interests... namely: Kay Gardiner, Alabama Chanin, and music. I followed on IG for quite a while before I realized there was much more to her story... so heartbreakingly inconceivably much more. Kay wrote a wonderful post about Allison and her new book & music the other day, and there was a lovely story yesterday on CBS This Morning. Anyway, Blood: A Memoir landed in my mailbox yesterday and will be coming to Arizona. (TBH, it was all I could do to NOT start it yesterday.)




I'm glad to hear you've got your travel knitting and reading planned. We all know that's (almost) more important than packing clothing!
P.S. I love your shift of focus to what you are working on RIGHT NOW. This is an important skill (and one I need loads of practice on!)


Most important things ever... travel knitting and a good book! But, your beading... gasp! It is going to be so stunning!

Robby H.

Once you've got your reading and stitchy travel projects sorted, you're practically packed for vacation! Maybe not, but I swear it takes me just as long to decide on those as my clothing.


Great choices for travel reading and knitting. I'm intrigued by Blood (after reading Kay's post), but was fearful that it would be so sad and awful. I'll look forward to reading your review/take on it.


Isn't it fun to plan vacation knitting and reading? I hope those mitts fit Junah this time, I hear you on gauge issues.


The beading looks fabulous, and the finished piece is going to be a stunner!


Looks like all the important stuff is covered for your trip! I've got a skein of Make.Do that looks remarkably similar to the one in your top photo ... mine will be socks - and seeing how pretty the garter stitch looks, I'm thinking Rye!


You're making wonderful progress on that car coat, Vicki! It is SO COOL and I love what you're doing with it. And remember the advice YOU gave ME when I was too paralyzed to begin my first Alabama Chanin project: "We knit entire sweaters one stitch at a time. You can do this!" XOXO


You know how to pack! The essentials are there and when you feel the need you'll have what it is that calls you. Happy Travels!


Looks like you have the travel essentials all lined up. The mitts look great - what fun yarn.

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