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Weekending: Making Plans

Rusty indulges yet another big idea with a sketch over early morning coffee yesterday.

"Let's make the back porch 'wrap around' again! With a sort of greenhouse/conservatory thing... that has curved windows!"


Who knows if it will ever happen, but we sure do like to dream and make plans!

I was making other plans over the weekend, too.


I have a few projects percolating, and I cut out a pair of long Palazzo Pants yesterday.


Then I started questioning my fabric color choices... that led to painting, stitching, and cutting some small 5-inch swatches. That particular project is still percolating a bit, and I have a couple of other things to try before I make a final decision, but I think I know where it's heading. It's all in the details!


I've been diligent about #100moredaysknitorious2019 and yesterday's stitching was done while visiting with Ann, even though she was distracted by time and cooking dinner and wasn't working on her project.

In addition to all that, we changed the last of the storms & screens, washed some windows and swept off the back porch, made a pretty great beef stew, and watched a little football! I'm sure there was more mundane stuff (I'm looking at you, Laundry), but those are the highlights. I hope you had a great weekend, too!



I love to watch your planning process! I never swatch my Alabama Chanin projects . . . but I'm thinking I really ought give it a try. I can't wait to see your palazzo pants!!!


That embroidery is really amazing -- I especially love the circles that have the rings of fabric kind of bunche dup around them!


I admire your patience with all of that hand stitching. Dale and I have conversations and dreams like that, too, and he often sketches things out. It's fun to dream!


I have fabric and a pattern for an Alabama Chanin swing skirt, but haven't figured out how to do the template for the painted on pattern (not the painting). I don't think I'll do this often enough to merit the cool little cutter thing that you've got, but do you have thoughts about templates and how to prepare them?


Knitorious - the home of big, beautiful, exciting plans! I am hoping that porch project materializes someday!


Porches are more important than bathrooms I think! :-) I hope that is a project that comes to be!


That project looks amazing, but the Rusty has so many unique ideas. Think of all the places you've been that only started with an idea. Here it is. The weekend, again. Oh, my.

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