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Game day!


Junah is spending the afternoon with me. We made a 4x4 with K'nex, then spent some time perusing the internet for other K'nex sets, which led to watching associated videos... which led to watching videos about Legos and remote control cars and transformers, and writing a few things down on a Christmas wish list!

That tired us out, so we took a :15 "nap." Junah rested his legs, I rested my eyes. He watched the timer on my clock count down because, y'know, "I like to watch stuff."

He lasted :03 watching the 🏈 game with me! Now watching Green Eggs & Ham on my computer...



It sounds like a nice afternoon with Junah! He made it about two minutes more than I can manage with football.

Robby H.

Ya gotta train to watch football. There's technique, endurance, snack strategy, those skills don't happen over night. He can work up to being a full on cheesehead.


I got my kid watching football and finally a little interested in it last night, though she's still very confused about the rules. Her summary of it was "a bunch of grown men in tight pants running around." Other than his lack of interest in the game, sounds like Junah had a nice afternoon with you!


He'll be a great football watching buddy in the years to come, I predict! It must have been nice for him to have one-on-one time with you.


What a great afternoon! I remember well those K'Nex days . . . (although sans videos; that must have been quite inspirational!!!).


He's got the hat on which means he can be a fan without watching ALL the game.

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