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Hug your people.

One of my coworkers was involved in a head-on collision late Saturday night as he made his way home from his long-time moonlighting theatre gig. He's in critical condition in a Madison hospital, where he was taken by ambulance because weather conditions had grounded all the helicopters.

I just had an update that he is more stable this morning and is doing well neurologically... "so things are looking up!"

Prayers, mojo, karma, good wishes, whatever your jam... any & all are needed for him, his wife, and their son.

He's one of the good ones.


Hug your people.




Oh, my. I'm so sorry to hear this, Vicki. All the good, healing juju on the way to your colleague. XO

Robby H.

Oh, I hate these types of things. Prayers on their way for everyone concerned.


Oh dear! Good thoughts sent his way!


Oh no! Sending all good/healing vibes/thoughts/wishes/prayers/juju. Whatever is needed and will work


Sending all the good mojo and hugging all the people. Sometimes life is great one moment and tragic the next, so I will keep good thoughts that things continue to improve.


Oh dear, Vicki. I'm so sorry and I will send healing energy to him and his family. I imagine with your history this is a difficult time for you and I'm sending you love, too.


I'm so sorry, Vicki ... I will for sure be lifting up him, his family and all y'all ... sending warm hugs from Georgia!


I'm sorry to learn of your friend's injuries. Sending healing thoughts.

Sharon Macomber

prayers for quick healing


Prayers for your friend and his family. Hugs for you.


Such a heartbreaking situation for you all. May he heal well!

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