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Eye Candy Friday!


I was upstairs last night, readying the apartment for weekend Airbnb guests, and was delighted to find A FEW TINY BUDS when I checked the "holiday cactus." It's a fairly large plant, so there's potential for a show! These will not be blooming for a while, so I deem this one of the Christmas variety.


Another cactus in the Garden Room downstairs has had buds for a while now, and they're getting BIGGER! It's a much smaller plant, but there's promise for a BIG SHOW! And this one should be in full glory for Thanksgiving!

HOLIDAYS! Kate returns in little over a week, and Maddy & Viv will be home in less than three weeks! I think I'm going to start prepping this weekend... organizing space(s) and making room for the tree and whatnot. 

Maybe I'll even clean out the fridge!




Thanksgiving and Christmas cactus blossoms to come and the return of Kate, Maddy & Viv are big things to get excited about! But maybe don't let yourself get too carried away and clean out the fridge. :-)


WHAT FUN!!! It's wonderful that you'll have all the girls around for the holidays!!! XOXO (But . . . take it from me . . . cleaning out the fridge is overrated!!!)


Hooray for watercolor Christmas cactus! You must be so excited that the kids are coming home soon!


Exciting that your girls will all be home!! I keep looking at and talking to my Christmas cactus - last year it bloomed for the first time in many years....I hope it blooms again. Your plant in the garden room is LOADED! Please don't remind me about the frig....


Mine already are in full bloom, so they are either Thanksgiving cacti, or major overachievers.


Oh my! You're going to have a fabulous Christmas (and a full house) this year! You're also going to have a colorful show of blossoms on both plants!


I do love the Waterlogued cacti blooms! and know you're getting excited about having the girls home for Christmas - woot! the holidays are nearly upon us!!


Love the paintings. You have some wonderful days ahead of you! Enjoy your holidays with your girls.


How lovely to have some beautiful blooms to look forward to, especially as the color outside gets increasingly gray.


I am so happy that your girls will all be home soon! (And yes... the cleaning of the fridge is highly over-rated!)

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