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I had a nice video chat with my sister this morning.


This was my view during part of it, as Ann was getting a chicken ready for the oven. And as soon as I hit post, I'm on my way to the store to pick up a chicken of my own!

The quintessential Sunday chicken dinner, whether in the US or Spain! Though Ann was also making roasted peppers and having a beer, and I was not (yet).



Robby H.

Who says advertising doesn't work?! But there is something very homey about a roast chicken dinner.


Now I wish I had also prepared a roast chicken for dinner! (I hope you get your beer sometime soon.)


I have wonderful memories of roast chicken for Sunday dinner! I bet yours was fantastic.


How awesome is modern technology that you can chat and cook together?!


Ha! I made a chicken dish (not roast chicken) for dinner on Sunday and had a beer while I was cooking!




We got our roasted (rotisserie) chicken from Costco and Smith had a beer while we cooked up the sides. :)

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