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Wailing Complaining as I have for the past couple-few months about the street work in front of Ali's coffee shop, it's only fair that I shout out...


It's Done!!


The sidewalks are a bit wider, the pedestrian crosswalk areas are roomy & visible, there's parallel parking on Ali's side of the street and angle parking on the other... it's really, really nice. There's a bit of a spatial shift that makes me feel like I'm driving down the middle of the street, but I'm sure I'll get over it.

Since some of this was finished when temps were at freezing or below (10 degrees or so below), I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the contractor(s) know what they're doing and it doesn't all fall apart next summer. Is that cement actually set or just frozen in place??


A group of kids at a nearby charter school recently decorated a bunch of coffee sleeves "with all the happy things"! On the other side of this one is THE SUN!! I love the little smiley face on the C"O"FFEE! My cup is full of the new Gingersnap Latte, using house-made syrup (and with my special request for "not too sweet"), and it was perfect! Kristin said that it's been a hit and she already had to make another batch of syrup.




I love that the street work is finally complete, also the decorated coffee sleeve, and the not-too-sweet gingersnap latte! (Not so much the 31 degrees on your car thermometer. )


Yay! I am glad that is finally over as well! (and it looks nice!)


Phew! Thank goodness that's over an done with! And also, gingersnap latte? That sounds really yummy!


Oooh, that latte sounds delicious. And I'm so glad things are back to normal!


Hi, I recently discovered your blog. And because we lived about four miles from the coffee shop until 18 months ago, in Combined Locks , I’ve enjoyed reading about a piece of home. I’ve been in the shop, I bought vacuum supplies from across the street and visited the post office and library near by. The street looks great. Thanks for allowing me to keep abreast of what’s happening back home.


Looks Great and the Gingersnap Latte sounds perfect.


HURRAY!!! Wow . . . that was a long slog!!! I'm hoping ALL road or any other city improvements are finished for a long time - at least in front of Ali's coffee shop. The road looks great, and - like I say so often - I wish I lived near enough to drive over for a gingersnap latte. (And, yeah. That smiley face!) XO


Oh yes! I'd love to try that gingersnap latte! SO glad the construction is finished!


*sigh* I wish I lived in a small town (except not where it snows ;-) Also, I LOVE that coffee sleeve!


Interesting sidewalk, curvy. Just in time for winter. I hope the plows don't ruin the curves.

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