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We flew out of Milwaukee yesterday and landed in Las Vegas, where we rented a car and drove south to to Laughlin, NV.


Today, we'll get together with Rusty's brother, Dave, and take a look at the old photos and documents he found since Rusty visited last summer.


This is Dave, ca. 1960, with their cat, Speedy.

--- Posting from my tablet, not ideal but it's all I have right now! I hope it isn't wonky. And YAY to the other NaBloPoMoers! I won't have much time while we're away, but I will catch up with you all when we return!!





Have fun! And enjoy that warm weather! XO


Have a great time! Cheers to NaBloPoMo!

Robby H.

A picture of a man and his cat. That's a post right there. Have a great trip.


Looks good! Enjoy the warm weather and cool vibes!


I guess I am joining you for nablomopo. It wasn’t on my radar when I decided to try writing 30 days of thankful but now it’s twice the fun. Enjoy your travels


It looks fine to me, and I'm looking forward to seeing what else is in store for you this month!


Wow, two very cool photos (having seen the ones of your MIL on IG, I hope you also have a photo of the boxes of photos you're reviewing!) ... and super impressed with your blogging from the tablet. Can't wait to see what today has in store!!


I'm so glad your trip is off to such a great start! Have fun at the Grand Canyon. I can't wait to hear all about it!!! XO

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