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I was in an old bank vault!

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First off, in case you didn't know, I'M A DREAMER...

...and isn't this just about the cutest little thing you've ever seen?


Ali & Rod have an accepted offer on a house and this little bank building is kitty-corner across the street. I'm not going to say any more (or at least not much) about their house until it's a completely done deal!

But the bank... can't you think of a million different things a person could do with this adorable little building?


Such promise! That clock is kind of hideous (in that it's too big and doesn't really "fit"), but that burglar alarm, the pillars, the tile!


There's even a "bullet hole" in that big arched window in front...


John Dillinger? Al Capone? Bonnie & Clyde? Did any of them pass through this little town once upon a time??


There's some work needed, for sure. It's fairly cosmetic in front, but things start to fall apart... literally... around back.

I tried to convince myself for a sec that this:


...was originally a little more like this:


...but, no. That is definitely a gigantic bulge due to water damage/poor water management from the roof. It was a really nice day yesterday, so snow was melting, and we could actually see it happening for ourselves. It's been happening, apparently unchecked, for years. And years and years and years.

And inside (on the other side of that wall)...


Apparently that back window was open for a while (years and years?), too. Rusty found and shut another open window in the basement when we were there.

That's after we'd already seen this upon entering:


I don't really think that part is from water -- or if it is, not only from water -- because the floor is not in awful shape and there aren't watermarks on those tiles. This might have been just plain old vandalism (which makes me feel a little more hopeful about the overall roof situation).

Junah was quite amazed by it all.

I was a little bit heartbroken.

There's a big front room, two smaller rooms in back (one is the vault/future bathroom), and a full basement (where the bathroom is currently located). And lots of spiders.


The little welcome chicken and the Vault Ventilator sure are cool, though, aren't they?

I could probably get this for a song, but I'm afraid it might take a symphony to get it in usable/habitable shape. I'm still thinking about it... it came immediately to mind every time I woke up last night... I'm still dreaming about it!!




What a cool place! I could picture it as a photography studio for you . . .


Definitely a place full of possibilities! The possibility of a very cute building restored to former (and new) glory, but also the possibility of sinking endless $$$$ into it. It is heartbreaking, but I'm going to hold some hope that you might one day be the owner of a welcome chicken, vault ventilator, and the building that holds them. Hey, it's fun to dream!


Oh that could be such a cool studio!! Fingers & toes crossed that all goes well for Ali & Rod!!! How exciting. and look at how BLUE your sky was yesterday!


it is a beautiful space ... and Bonny's comment is mirroring my thoughts right now.

Robby H.

Such an intriguing building for... so many things.


I think it would be amazing as some sort of little shop or boutique, but the damage does look like it would take some cash to fix. What's the current jackpot of the biggest lottery out by you these days?


Oh, Vicki! :-) First of all . . . I'm so excited about the house-possibility for Ali and Rod and family. (Keeping my fingers and toes crossed.) But, then . . . that little bank! Oh, keep dreaming. Because what a glorious little find! XOXO

Susanne Scheurwater

What a wonderful discovery. Yes you are probably right in that it would sure take some $$'s but boy oh boy what fun it could be to restore it for a gallery or little shop. Love the way the kids are looking way up to see the damage...


It's good to dream, but keep your feet firmly planted. The arched window and the stonework around it are very cool. The clock has to go but save that chicken!


Definately a cool place- AirBnB potential. Have an inspector give you an idea of what needs to be done. Maybe you could crowd source it. Don't let the dreams go to far without more info.


Yarn shop, with a Yarn Chicken?!

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