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Well, I gotta say, I'm so glad that so many of y'all are also dreamers... and/or really good cheerleaders!


TGIF! I'm really happy that the weekend is upon us, and even more since I also, unexpectedly, have Monday off!

P.S. Update on my coworker: Nearly two weeks later, it's still a bit of a roller coaster, but I actually spoke with him yesterday! Though the breathing tube had been removed several days earlier, his throat was still extremely raw and it was difficult to understand all that he said.... but YAY!!



Such good news on your co-worker - a great way to start the weekend (and nice to have it be a 3-day weekend - ENJOY!!)


Enjoy your long weekend and good thoughts and prayers to you co-worker! Yay! For good news!

Robby H.

So good to hear how your co-worker is doing. I was thinking about him yesterday and today. Here's to continued progress... and long weekends.


That's great news on your coworker and something to really be thankful for. I hope he continues to improve. Enjoy your extra long weekend!


From your instagram posts, it looks like you can't let the bank and its possibilities go. Not letting go is how dreams come true ... :-) Sending continued good thoughts for your co-worker.


Seems like this photo should be featured on the You Had One Job feed. ;-)

Great news about your coworker!


Prayer warriors! Enjoy your long weekend ... (and only one more week of NaBloPoMo)!!


Prayers still being sent for your co-worker. We are enablers at heart. So off Monday and work Tues/Wed then off Thur Fri? happy turkey day!

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