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Or, more accurately, Alabama Chanin / The School of Making Palazzo Pants.


I finished sewing them up and attaching the elastic last week, but today is the first opportunity to shoot them with both daylight & willing photographer (Katie's home!)!

They are made from a single layer of Alabama Chanin Organic Cotton Jersey in Navy Blue, painted using the Large Paradise Stencil (which I cut myself), in a custom pearlized paint mixture. It's impossible to capture, but the paint has a slight sparkle to it... LET'S PARTY!! I had some random silver fold-over elastic and used that to finish them off.

I declare, from here on out, all my party pants will be palazzo pants!! I'm SO happy with how they turned out, and they are SO comfy... they will easily transition to PAJAMA PANTS when their party days are over.


(I have no idea what I'm doing in this photo.)

For full-on party mode, I have a sparkly shirt to wear but need another layer... and shoes.



Robby H.

I want some party pants, too! And if small talk is lagging (and even when it isn't) you can point out that you made those stylish pants. Let the celebrating begin!


Those are AWESOME! Time to party!


Party on! (Maybe you're dreaming about your next pair of awesome party pants!)


OMG - PARRRRTTTYYYY!!!! Vicki, those pants are perfect. and amazing. and JUST in time!


They are AMAZING!

Margene Smith

They are going to be so comfy and fun to wear! Sparkle on!


Palazzo party pants!!! WIN. Made by you!!! WIN. Now silver shoes or ruby slippers? Great outfit!!

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