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After yesterday's hullabaloo, it felt great to take it a little easy today... but not TOO easy.

I don't know about you, but it only dawned on me in the last few days that there's only a week between Thanksgiving and the first weekend in December instead of the more usual two! That Thanksgiving-to-Christmas snowball usually happens pretty fast, but this year... it's gonna get going even faster!

Our local parade is on Tuesday (Ali & the kids & the coffee camper will be in it!), I pick up Maddy & Viv on Wednesday, Maddy's BFFs Katy & Andrés are coming on Friday, my first party of the season is on Friday, we're all planning on going to another parade on Saturday (so Viv can experience it and the kids can watch it), we're having a family photo shoot... and/while decorating the tree on Sunday.

One of the things I did today was start clearing out the area where the tree will go, and that felt great. I tossed & recycled some stuff, and also added to my donation pile. There's a storm coming and travel might be limited over the weekend, so we chucked it & more into the car and took a trip to the thrift store drop it off.

Then we parked and went inside... ha!


Kate scored big time! Among her findings was this vintage-y cotton velvet jacket... similar to a big coat of my sister Sharon's that she's recently been wearing.

And now Rusty's making turkey soup! My favorite day-after-Thanksgiving meal.

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Tomorrow is the last day of NaBloPoMo 2019! It is almost certain that someone will be leaving the 30,000th comment on this post, or at least after I hit "publish" (that milestone could happen on any recent post), which I didn't think would happen until closer to the end of the year, so stay tuned to see who it is... MAYBE IT'S YOU!!




You've got a busy week ahead, but it all sounds like good stuff! That jacket is gorgeous, congratulations on another successful NaBloPoMo, and congratulations on all those comments. So much back-and-forth, communication, and love for you and your blog!

Robby H.

After reading your blog for many years, it really just feels like a catch-up with a friend. Thanks for taking us along on the ride of life and your creative endeavors.


It does feel extra hectic with less time between Thanksgiving and December! And, Bravo to that 30,000th comment! (I will take your advice and clean out my "tree spot" today so I am ready to go next week!)


That's the problem with a thrift store drop off - you come home with stuff! hahaha! At least it wasn't you! I definitely prefer an earlier Thanksgiving - there's a higher stress level to get things ready when it falls so late.


When the holiday season is this compressed, I'm thankful that I don't celebrate Christmas and have to deal with all that craziness! But Chanukah is coming, and so far I only have 3 gifts purchased. I'm glad that it at least starts later this year so I have some time to do some shopping!


Oh I hope you take pics of the coffee camper in the parade - what fun! Time sure does feel compressed this year. I'm trying not to feel frazzled!


Your Thanksgiving and the day after sound a little frantic (in a good way). The kids, the coffee camper, your girls, and that turkey soup...well, life couldn't be better!!!


Here's to crazy, fun, family ... and hopefully a few minutes to stop and breathe. December is coming at us fast ... and good! I'm so excited Maddy & Viv are going to be there for a lot of the mayhem - and how fun to share some new things with Viv!

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