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Yesterday was quite the day. We drove over to visit with Rusty's brother, Dave, and sister-in-law, stopping for a brunchy breakfast on the way.

I don't even know how many photos of photos I took... lots! And mostly of Rusty & Dave's mom, from scrapbooks, envelopes, folders, and stacks.


On the beach, the slopes, at the pool, the tennis court, on horseback, with cats and dogs... so many photos with dogs! I'm surprised that Rusty's not more of a dog lover.

Today we're headed to Lake Havasu -- to the closest Packers bar we could find (also London Bridge)! Tomorrow, we're up EARLY to head to the Grand Canyon, so I won't likely be posting until evening.



Robin F

What a fun trip! Did Dave and Rusty have fun?


I LOVE the old photos! (And YES -- all those dogs!!!!) XO


Seeing all those photos must have made Rusty's heart just sing. Have a great time at the Grand Canyon!


I don't know why it is, but old photos seem so much more magic than newer photos. Love this one!


Rusty’s mom was a beauty! She looks so happy in that photo!


How wonderful to have a trove of photos to look through!

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