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Free hotel wifi is the worst hotel wifi. I'm cheap and didn't spring for "enhanced" wifi, even for a day, because we weren't here for more than a few hours in the morning or evening, or were fast asleep.

I had a great vacation... and I felt as though I truly vacated... but I am anxious to get home and back into the regular swing of things. If, for no other reason, a real computer (using the tablet sucks as much as hotel wifi). We're winging our way tomorrow!

Today, we visited again with Rusty's brother & sister-in-law, and we drove with them out to Oatman, AZ, which is... a place I won't ever have to visit again. It was a great visit with the relatives, though, and Rusty & Dave put their heads together to nail down some family history details. Rusty brought his laptop along so he could make a record.

I'm also looking forward to my own bed and pillow.  ;)



Well, now I know that I don't ever need to visit Oatman, AZ!


Guess you weren't a fan of Oatman, eh? It's nice to go away but it's always very nice to come home.


Oatman! That must have been an experience (or not?).


Oh boy I hear you about missing my laptop ... all I had for my last two (two-week) trips was the iPad ... it's better than nothing, but not for that long! Welcome home!!


While I like my tablet, I love my desktop. I've been on the road since Oct. 6, I need my own bed!

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