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3TT: 3x3+1

Life is a little bit crazy around here on any given day, but lately... man, it's OFF THE CHARTS.

1st THREE:


Blatantly stolen from Kate's IG Stories yesterday. That's the downstairs bathroom/powder room, and we couldn't stop looking at those before & after photos last night!! Motivation!

2nd THREE:


You may have seen these three images on my IG yesterday, but even going "vertical," I couldn't fit the entire "playhouse" into the frame. You can see Junah starting to climb the first ladder... those ladders could be angled a bit, in my opinion, and also the entry holes enlarged. Ahem. I climbed to the top with him! You can see the house and one of the outbuildings/garage behind him in the second, and the other outbuilding in the third.

3rd THREE:

IMG_1888-COLLAGEDid this little girl have a premonition yesterday, sporting this particular pink hat?? Photos taken at such an angle because she's wearing tights -- very excited about wearing tights -- but wearing nothing else on the bottom half! (Brrrr.)



Three Gingers & a Blonde* walk into a fixer-upper farmhouse on a Wednesday in December... and KILLED IT (along with a couple bottles of wine).

*With a huge assist from Dad!!



Robby H.

That before and after of the loo is amazing! Jun looks so ready to own that tree fort. Hey, doesn't he know someone who might be able to get that whipped into shape (after the house is finished)? May there be many, many more happy memories made in this place.


That's quite a transformation for that bathroom! I'm excited to see more of the house and the changes they make.


Fixer uppers have the best before and afters! But, that hat! :) AWESOME!!


The before and afters are amazing in a short time, and there is so much potential! They couldn't have found a more perfect place and are lucky that they have such skilled and willing help!


This (all of it) is just the BEST!! I can't wait to see more. So fabulous so many smiles.

Julia in KW

Such exciting times for your family! I can imagine the laughter as everyone works on the new house! What an experience!


So much fun! The new house looks like a lot of work, but it's so going to be worth it!


New color in powder room is miraculous improvement but it looks like a tight fit to get past the sink to the commode. Tree house is awesome. Junah may sleep in it in warmer weather. You have lots of work ahead of you to fixer up that house. Looking forward to following the progress. Did Gin have a cold tush .after hanging out in just tights?


Just seeing the change in the bathroom you know this fixer upper farm house is going to be a grand place to live (once the fixing up is done)!


FOUR is a perfect number, Vicki! I am really enjoying watching the new-to-them house take shape and marveling at how much difference a coat of paint can make!

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