Happy Holidays!!
Year In Review!


It was really great to have all of my girls home for Christmas this year!


Especially great to have Maddy & Viv here for most of December. It was a super busy month! And now, "normal" is beginning to return...

Kate leaves today for Brooklyn to begin work on the three-day exhibition to benefit Art Start, opening on Friday, Jan. 3rd, at Ortega y Gasset Projects.

Originally scheduled to begin their journey back to Australia yesterday (with an overnight at friends' in MKE, closer to the airport), the tummy bug we've (most of us) all shared in the days since Christmas caught up with Maddy and they needed that extra day here to finish/catch up prior to departure.


Rusty's taking them directly to the airport today, and they stopped by a little while ago for final farewells. Ugh. It's always too soon!

Ann and her family will leave tomorrow...




Safe travels to your traveling girls! And, I hope you are all together again soon!


We just put Erin and Keith on a plane bound for home, so I know just how you feel. So good to have them home; so hard to see them go again. So sorry to hear about your tummy bug. That is NO FUN at all. . .


I'm glad you all had such a great holiday season together, that's what it's all about. Bummer about that stomach bug, though!


It's wonderful to have them here, but parting is such sweet sorrow. I hope the stomach bug has departed!


I hope you're all back to full health now (I guess the downside to having a close family is that you share all your germs!). I hope there were many happy hours together before the bug hit!


Wishing everyone safe travels ... and y'all an easy transition to "normal". The house never feels quite so empty as it does the day after Sara leaves AND I undecorate.


Safe travels to all and may peace and calm reign for you for awhile, anyway.

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