3TT: 3x3+1


Friends + Family = FRAMILY


The wonderful Mary from Fox Valley Birth and Baby come over a couple of weeks ago to take some photos for us.

There are a bunch more photos over on Insta if you'd like to take a gander. We had so much fun.

Have a great weekend, everyone! It's the final countdown, and I could feel the tension as I drove home from work last night -- a noticeable shift from the day before. I'll be hunkered down at home, for the most part, working on some projects, though it looks like there'll be a move happening this weekend, so who knows!!




I love how you embrace what would be a very uncomfortable chaos for me! And, in doing so you show me how to let go and live! Thank you... for so much! XO


The photos are so wonderful! Good luck with those projects and hopefully your part in the move is just watching the grandkids.


Wonderful photo! Embrace the chaos!

Robby H.

May all the chaos be happy chaos!


What a wonderful family photo.


Such a great photo -- you can feel the love!


I am ever amazed at how well you juggle your life as employee, wife, mother and grandmother! Especially the grandmother part!


The photos are wonderful!! Hoping at least a bit of the tension has lifted now so you can lean in and truly enjoy this week. Merry Merry!


I LOVE the photos, Vicki! She captures LOVE so very well. XO
Enjoy the chaos. (Some years are just more . . . full . . . than others.)


Yes, I've thought of you a few times as I prepare for my grandkids visit in a few days. They live about 5 hours away in Los Angeles. When they arrive our whole quiet world is turned upside down. I admire how you deal with it on a daily basis (so it seems). Have a wonder holiday season .

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