NaBloPoMo 2019.30
Right Now...

Hello December!

Yikes, this is a crazy month. Right now, though, I'm focused on TWO MORE SLEEPS 'til we see Maddy & Viv!!

The kids were over yesterday. If you follow me on IG you may have seen some video of playing in the snow, and also this:


Um. I'm just thinking that those truffles really are made with silky smooth chocolate...

There was also this:


Malina (another little fashionista!) is so cute when she "reads"! And there's Junah, randomly sporting his finished mitts! He was so happy to get them and even modeled for me.


But this image (a video still) is blowing my mind:



That's not all!


I have a new pom pom maker!! He made TWO!




Those kiddos! But the winner is The Queen of Chocolate! Divine!


Classic photos of each of your Grands! How and when did Junah grow up? It seems like he's grown a couple of years' worth in just the past few months. Glad you've put him to work as a pompom maker to earn his keep! :-)


Ha! That chocolate facial cracks me up!


Okay, when did Junah turn into a little man?!? Love the chocolate face and little hands with little books, too!

Margie D.

From your pictures this summer and fall, it looked like Junah was getting ready to do some growing. First they fill out a little bit and then they shoot up! I am sure there is some more growing in his near future. They are all dear children, thanks for sharing them with us!


Your pictures of your grandchildren are always just so adorable (don't tell Jun - he would cringe - lol). Gin with the chocolate face just cracks me the hell up. Malina IS another little fashionista!! And Jun - wow has his look matured over the past few months. So, he likes to wind yarn AND make pom-poms? I think he could be your assistant.


Wait, wait, wait! That's Junah? OMG! Seriously, how did he grow up so quickly? Gin is a card and Malina is so sweet. I love that she's reading.


Was Gin the only one to get a chocolate facial. I love Malina reading her book! Jun has changed so much, he is grown up looking. Lucky Grandma and lucky grands. Sleep tight, maddy will be there soon!


Aw, what a great time y'all had!! I keep coming back to that photo of Gin with the chocolate and still can't figure out how she got some on her eyebrow?!

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