December Weekending, Part II
Weekending: All kids, all the time*

TGIF: Welcome Home!!

It's a done deal.


Ali & Rod closed on their new old house yesterday.


Rusty will load up his tools and spend the weekend out there, helping with a few things that need to be done before they will actually move in. Fresh paint, correctly applied, will do wonders, but there's a bit more than that needed in some areas.

I'll do my part by taking the kids!




How exciting!! Congrats to them! It is so cute!


I'm so happy for Rod & Ali and all of you! Please extend my congratulations to them!


Congratulations on the new home! (I love the key!) I hope the whole family will enjoy many happy and healthy years there.

Robby H.

Always a cause for celebration! May the needed work go smoothly without any unhappy "discoveries" along the way.


Such great news - they've got to be so happy. And, how wonderful that Rusty can help out (Fletch has been doing a bit of that with Colin & Mailing). Time to pop cork or two (I did see the pic in IG - great!!).


This house looks like a blank canvas that will change and be personalized over the years! Congrats to the family!


Congratulations! The house (at least from the outside) looks like it has great character. Love that porch!


I am so excited that everything worked out for them with the house! Ali must be beside herself with joy! I'm sure it will be the perfect, cozy homespace for the family in no time! XOXOXO


So exciting for Ali and Rod. Is that an outbuilding behind the house or a neighbor. i'm sure the grands will not suffer with you while work is being done! Lucky that Rusty can help them.

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