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Weekending: All kids, all the time*

As mentioned, I did my part in helping Ali & Rod get their house in shape by taking the kids for the weekend.

We hung out at home on Saturday... and it seems like there was a lot of eating! So many snacks.

Junah grabbed one of the bags in which said snacks were delivered and disappeared. Soon he was back, asking for another... and another... and another...

Turns out, he was bagging up all the toys, dolls, puzzles, balls -- basically everything in their small play area except the furniture -- he was pretending that he was THE GRINCH and he was STEALING CHRISTMAS! Gin was his co-hort (aka, MAX). He piled it all up by the front door. And a little while later, he brought it all back!

On Sunday, we had breakfast, watched a quick movie, and then headed to the children's museum. It opened at noon (we arrived around 12:15) and closed at 5 pm (which is when we left).


There was a sensory area for a while where the kids played with "fake snow" -- baking soda + shaving cream. Junah & Ginny loved it... especially Gin.


One of the highlights of our local museum has always been the water play area, complete with rain coats!


This area has had a slight revamp since my last visit, with lightweight plastic "stones" replacing torn foam. It's a vast improvement! The big kids were busy loading up all the dump trucks, and later the hard hats, to move all the stones into one big pile. They did pretty well, too, and even recruited other kids who came into the area.


I love how fashion-y Ginny looks in these photos. Malina's just... Malina!


The tree house with bridges and ramps made of rope & otherwise, and with portholes and cubbies, has also been a long-time feature. And favorite!


There's a nice big area for artistic pursuits, as well. I love love love this photo of Ginny.

When the museum closed, we headed out to the new house... and then back to my house for dinner.

We're planning a Sisters + Viv + Dad + Mom (later) Day on Wednesday! Finally... painting will happen! And lots of it. I have a couple of appointments, or I'd be there earlier. Can't wait!!

*Except while sleeping... Nona needs a little downtime!





Wow; that museum looks great! I was always looking for places like that when my kids were young (especially during the winter.) It's wonderful to have a place where they can all have messy fun but the foam and water aren't in your living room. I love Malina in her hard hat!


Looks like you really had a fun time with the kids. I bet you were pooped when they went home!


What an amazing museum! And, those kids... especially Gin - her expressions are just priceless!

Robby H.

You're a strong contender for MVP spending 5 hours in that museum, plus additional hanging out. I feel like that museum would be sensory overload for me, but the kids clearly loved it. Hope things are going smoothly with the new house.


I am exhausted just looking at the photos! The children's museum looks like a wonderful place, and hopefully all that activity tired them out so that they slept well.


Oh my gosh - what a FABULOUS place!! Your pictures are wonderful. Malina has quite a look about her (and I love her little clenched fists). I'm not sure I could have lasted that long (exhaustion!), but you are such a great Nona!


I love Malina-just Malina! So funny. Gin is so cool and focused. The museum is exceptional! We have SO many kids in Utah and nothing to compare to your museum!


Congratulations to Ali and Rod ... and yay you for that awesome kiddo time! The museum was a perfect all-day outing. Hope you're catching up on your sleep now :-)


What fun! (You must be exhausted. . . ) It's great to see how kids play and explore at a children's museum -- a place JUST for them. Those are some great photos, Vicki -- but that last one of Ginny? Oh, what a precious shot. XO

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