Year In Review!
2019: The Reading

Begin as you mean to go on...

Everyone seems to be where they want to be, or are on their way, or are making plans.


Maddy & Viv had a rough start to their journey with a long delay in Milwaukee, but made Monday's last flight out of Minneapolis to Seattle on stand-by, and their tight connection at LAX just before midnight (CST) last night, and are now on their way to Sydney! From there, they'll eventually make their way to Margaret River in Western Austrialia, where jobs await!

Kate's Monday flight from Green Bay was flat-out canceled at the last minute (she was at the gate), and though Tuesday's connections were a little hairy, she made it and is settled in Brooklyn -- a few hours (and a day) late, but there! She'll be back for a few days next week, then off to London for a quick visit, then a road trip with me (see below), then a few days in Prague, and then spending most of March house-/pet-sitting for friends in Edinburgh!

Ali has been happily nesting in her new home. The girls all wished they could have gone out at least one more work day, but illness through us all a curve ball. Rusty spent the entire day there yesterday and every little bit helps. It looks amazing in photos and I can't wait to go out there myself again soon!

Ann & her family are in Madison for a few more days before heading back to Spain on Sunday, where they'll begin preparing for a summertime move to... LIMA, PERU!!

I am content at home, at the moment, catching up on (and cleaning up) all the little things, and doing a little vacation planning... a #whirlwindarttripwithkate will be happening next month, a trip to Mexico with Rusty in March, and now, obviously, Peru is on the list of possibilities (maybe even in fall!).

Begin as you mean to go on... and for us, I guess the key word is: GO!




You are all jetsetters! Glad your girls have gotten to their travel situations righted, that can be so frustrating! How far is Ali's house from your house?


It's always lovely to have things to look forward to and you and your family have a LOT! Here's to all the great travel and new destinations in 2020!


Glad everyone made it to their destinations. Your family travels more than all my friends together. I love traveling vicariously thru your photos. Happy New Year!


I know you don't choose a word for the year, Vicki . . . but I think one chose YOU! "Go" is just perfect for you! I'm so glad your girls all got to (or are getting to) where they need to go. But YIKES! Who needs those travel headaches. . . I'm so excited to hear about your travel plans -- and I'm really excited to hear about Lima! Best news! XO


This time of year throws curve balls at travel plans. Good to hear everyone is heading to where they need to be. GO is a perfect word for you. It should be your middle name! Looking forward to traveling with you, through you, this year!


Sounds like it was a major headache for everyone to get to where they were headed, but I'm glad it all worked out in the end!


I am glad that despite the travel woes, they are all there (or in route!) What fun! Lima Peru! How exciting!! And, GO is the perfect word for you! XO


Oh my goodness, all that traveling! So exciting!
Happy New Year!


Sounds like an exiting year ahead! Enjoy every minute. Its interesting that you mentioned Margaret River. Later today one of our local PBS stations has a travel show on the area. I had never heard of it but now I’m going to watch it! Happy New Year.


I've been thinking about y'all these past few days ... so much GO-ing (and hopefully arriving safely in all the new places). I must admit Kate is the one I'd like to be following :-) Marc and I are still sketching out a summer trip to the UK and in addition to Bristol, I hope Edinburgh and Dublin feature in our plans. I look forward to following your girls - and you! - on all your travels. vicarious travel is certainly more reliable and comfortable these days.

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