Unraveled Wednesday: Making Arrows

Looking Ahead... Wanderlust

This photo was in my in-box this morning:


It was seven years ago yesterday that I was on my way to Rio de Janeiro! There was that unfortunate missed connection in Houston (by only :15 with the connecting gate literally right next door... that still bites!) that set me back a day, causing Annie to have to deliver this news to the boys. It turned out OK in the end, though, as I was actually able to negotiate to extend my stay! Still... this photo of these little boys (5 and 7 at the time) breaks my heart!

I finally found a calendar for work:


I love travel calendars and, these days, I love ticking off all the places that I've been! There are plenty more places yet to go...

And I am RESTLESS! I am literally counting the days (hours, minutes & seconds) until I can GO SOMEWHERE:


It's barely less than three weeks until the next #whirlwindarttripwithkate, and thank god because I don't know if I could bear the seven+ weeks until Rusty & I leave for Mexico with nothing in between... not the way I'm feeling right now!

So, the trip with Kate... we're headed back to North Carolina! And it'll definitely be whirlwind, leaving on a Thursday afternoon when we're both finished at work and returning on Monday. Last time, almost 5 years ago (!), our focus was Black Mountain, and it will be this time, too, but specifically a show at Black Mountain College Museum in Asheville. Question Everything! The Women of Black Mountain College. Though we saw plenty of art on our previous trip, the BMCM was closed for an installation; Kate's on their mailing list and she popped in out of the blue a couple of weeks ago (with some sort of Spidey sense) (when people were flying off to Europe and Australia and I was feeling extra feels) (and knowing that this is right up my alley) to suggest that we go! Besides, trips like this are good for us! We'll be staying in Asheville this time, at our first Airbnb with the "Plus" designation.

In the meantime, I'm focusing on putting my head down and getting all the things done (especially the distasteful ones) so I can truly vacate on vacay! Maybe I'll even get the Christmas tree down... heh.

I'm also thinking a lot about knitting and what I want to do this year. I don't usually set knitting goals and I have no idea what all I'm going to knit because... how many patterns are released on Ravelry each year? But I do know some things, and I'll share them next week.

Have a great weekend, everyone!!




I do hope you'll post calendar updates because I'd like to see where else that calendar is going to take you around the world!


Love your calendars! Asheville is a beautiful place. I've only done a bunch of meetings there (can you say Biltmore) and got a little bored with the same old, same old; but Fletch ended up there one afternoon with a friend and loved it. Lots of little shops and galleries and good food places too. Enjoy!! No knitting plans/goals for me - I'll just go with whatever strikes me at the moment - lol.


Great destinations! I love Asheville, your countdowns, and you've got so much to look forward to!


My two best friends and I are planning a trip for this year since we're all turning 55. Asheville is on our list of places we are considering.


What fun! I am only planning trips to Michigan - but I like your itinerary!

Robby H.

Love that work calendar! I saw that pic of the boys on IG and could just feel their sadness. I may have an opportunity to tag along on a work trip for hubby to... Italy! Trying to decide how to tackle Italian, just in case. Because other than the local Italian grocery that would be my sole use for it. How did you work your Spanish studies, I've forgotten when you wrote about that. Or more importantly, did it feel successful?


Totally jel! I love Asheville and so miss that Dan doesn't live there any longer! I guess I can handle Colorado though. I understand your need to go someplace! I'm feeling the same way (and we just went for a whirlwind trip to CO in December). 53 days is going to fly by for you!!!


When you come to NC, you'll only be about 3 hours from me. Maybe next time if you're here for a longer time period we could meet up. :-)

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