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The smallest perfect number

It hardly seems possible, but this happened on Sunday:


Junah turned SIX!

Six is, in fact, the smallest perfect number, but as they relate to grandchildren's ages, ALL numbers are PERFECT NUMBERS.


However, I reserve the right to claim 6 as one of my most FAVORITE NUMBERS when it comes to age!

I love this photo from our session last month... there are 12 people in this image and he's the only one looking at the camera. So sweet.




I LOVE this (and don't think you'll be waiting until he's 28 to celebrate another perfect number)!


Oh gosh! How did that happen? I had forgotten about Perfect Numbers! Such a great picture of Junah and I could go for a piece of that cake right NOW! LOL


Hard to believe he's 6 but then again it's hard to believe that Jackie is 2! Happy Birthday to Junah!


A.A. Milne thought six was pretty special too - My kids loved Now We Are Six! Happy Birthday Junah!


I LOVE that photo of Jun from last month ... I hope he continues to look the camera in the eye :-) It always amazes me how quickly he's growing up ... and then I remember that Charlie is "just" eight months behind and whoa!!


Happy birthday to Junah!


I always say . . . there is a very good reason that Christopher Robin was 6! I think 6 is the ideal age - and especially for little boys. Happy birthday to Junah! XO


Oh, how can it be that Junah is SIX!? Watching your grandchildren grow up is a real privilege. Junah has the sweetest face and I see his resemblance in his sisters. He is quite a boy!


Happy birthday Junah! How did you get to 6 so quickly? You do have the cutest grandies.

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