Unraveled Wednesday: Arrows

I'm joining Kat & the Unravelers today to share what I'm knitting and reading.


Last night I finished the second triangle needed to begin We Make Our Own Arrows, and I'm so excited to join them and carry on!


I am dying to start Banging Out A Sweater, but I'm going to hold my horses and wait until the official start on Saturday!

I also have a kit from Laura Nelkin for Nugget Mitts ready to cast on as soon as I get the proper needles. This project will be a bit more portable. And it has BEADS!


Y'know, I'm as slow as it gets in this department, so still:

And now I'm ready to launch -- it's a busy day off with lots to cross off my list. Have a great Wednesday, everyone!




So much great knitting! I love your long straights and would love to see you knit with them.


Those really are some long straights!! Arrows is looking fab. Your day is busy...I hope it is not crazy!


Those arrows look terrific! And you've got two good books there that you are reading, also.

Robby H.

Did you really just imply that knitting with beads is portable?! I would lose so many beads, I'd be like the Pied Piper of whatever would follow along and snatch up sparkly beads. Fairies, maybe?


Be careful of all those points as you join! ;-) Really love the combination of colors.


I really loved The Dutch House!!


I really LOVE your Arrows! (So much that I'm ready to drop everything and pick out yarn for another one myself!!!!) And those mittens!!! What a fun design. Enjoy, Vicki! XO


Your arrows are off to a magnificent start! I can't wait to see this grow more! (And, good luck to you on your sweater bang out!)

Hope your day was good and your list finished! :)

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