Weekending: Switching Gears

Unraveled Wednesday: Looking Ahead

I'm joining Kat & the Unravelers today to share what I'm knitting and reading.

KNITTING -- Currently

I'm not breaking any records, but work continues on We Make Our Own Arrows.


I feel like these pieces sort of set the stage for what's to come, which is why they've each had a false start and/or some ripping out. It'll be so exciting to join them together and begin the tails! Unfortunately, it's not a very portable project.

I'll soon be casting on something small on DPNs... travel knitting!

KNITTING -- On My Radar

For one reason or another, I haven't had the desire to Bang Out A Sweater before, but this year? I'm doin' it.


Main Squeeze Cardigan from Mason-Dixon Knitting Guide No. 12: Big Joy

If there was ever a sweater made for bangin' out, it's this one!

Also, for one reason or another, I don't have much experience with Knit Picks yarn! I'm fixing that by knitting this in Wool of the Andes Bulky, in the new color "Stormy," scheduled to arrive today! This wouldn't normally be considered for travel, but since Kate & I will be driving to NC... it's coming along.


Color work is also in my future. Ha. Who am I kidding? It's been on my radar for years and I've even had a go at it a couple of times.*

For the past few years, I've been giving Rusty & Kate the Ootlier Calendar, so I have to go to the KDD & Co website every year to place my refill order... and this year I bought a little something for myself, too. I couldn't help it... I was just smitten!

There are a few projects in Milarrochy Heids that I love and could easily knit (more likely as cowls rather than hats, at least if intended for me) -- Cadans, Every Flavour, Let's Stripe (oh, yes, LET'S!); others that I also love but would be much more challenging -- Breiwick, Chezzetcook Inlet, Featherheid, Peerie Flooers, Tettegouche.


Those colours!

So this year, I am challenging myself to have another go at it, and to that end (and because, apparently, I cannot resist the Scots), I have signed up for Ysolda's Colourwork Club! "If you've never done stranded colourwork before this is the perfect way to learn..." I can't wait for the first pattern release at the end of the month.


Audio: The Dutch House by Ann Patchett.

Pages: Fever by Mary Beth Keane.

*North Star Mittens turned out too small for me; luckily they fit Kate perfectly and she loved them... until they were lost. Latvian Mittens are unfinished... they are significantly different in size. Matching mittens of the same, intended size is a GOAL.



Colorwork is fun and I'm going to be working with Felted Tweed and all the goodness of Kaffe's patterns from the Mason Dixon Field Guide. Have fun banging out your sweater!


Your Arrows looks great, Main Squeeze very cozy, the Millarochy Heids colors stunning, and hooray for colorwork! I've been thinking it was high time I tried some footwork but I'm still in the consideration phase.


Your Arrow is off to a great start! I joined Ysolda's colorwork club too (pattern only here) and I am excited for the first pattern!

Have fun on your trip! (And, I hope the weather cooperates!)


So much inspiration here, Vicki! Those colors!!! (Both in your yarn collection AND in your Arrows.) And I can't wait to see you bang out that sweater. It does look like the most perfect sweater for banging out -- and it will be practical to have in your closet, as well. Fun! Fun! XO


Thank goodness I'm having thumb issues or I would be very tempted to bang out the sweater with you. Love your color work motivation! And NC...soooo close!


Your Arrows are finally getting some love from you. Main Squeeze looks so comfy. Knit picks has improved its yarn in recent years. I made Latvian mitts with Barbara Brown Reinsel. She is a great teacher. The Ootlier Calendar is so pretty. I don't know anyone besides me that has a paper calendar. Mine is on my fridge. Those hats will make gorgeous cowls. They'll be very warm with all the floats. I'm looking forward to seeing all the finished products.


The shawl of many scraps looks like fun. And the colors in that yarn are gorgeous. Enjoy your sweater and your trip. This looks to be the winter of colorwork for you. It is so enticing.


I'm so inspired by all of your plans! I love colorwork knitting, and Kate Davies does excellent colorwork designs. Your sweater will be excellent and cozy, too!

gale z

I am soooo tempted to join the Bang Out a Sweater-- but I may have too many plates nt he air already , knitting -wise. I'll enjoy watching too.


So many delicious colors and so many fun projects. You will have a grand time. Arrows is coming along nicely and that bulky cardigan will be fabulous in "Stormy." Can't wait to see it.

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