Unraveled Wednesday: Looking Ahead

Weekending: Switching Gears

I couldn't think of any particular day that I'd prefer over another for taking down the tree, and it was really weighing me down, so I just buckled down and did the deed.


It took forever because, y'know, I just wasn't into it, but the majority got done on Saturday, and we packed up and moved the tree downstairs on Sunday morning. I liked the light from the tree, but I really love the wide open!

I usually leave the stockings up long past Christmas -- Easter is my self-imposed deadline -- because I hand-stitched every one and I like to look at them. This year? Christmas is done, man. I'm over it. It's time to move on!

I'd just seen this outside the back door:


...and took it as a sign. Kate made this garland of colorful birds for my mom several years ago and I ran across it while packing up and culling (one whole bag to donate) ornaments & decorations. It seemed like just the thing...



And speaking of spring/seasons, I've been meaning to share the wonderful gift that I received from Alison -- you can spot it in the photos above.


She had a local artist do four vignettes of our house -- one for each season -- reminiscent of one of our favorite children's books:

The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton


Isn't that fab??? I just love it.


And then we did some furniture repair! One of the leaves on this rustic old drop-leaf table was split nearly in two, so we glued and clamped (three different types of clamps) and hopefully it'll hold.




The sweet birds are lovely, and I adore the artwork of your house! My parents have a piece of art that's a tree in four seasons, but this is so nice and personal!


Those birds are just so sweet and SPRING-like! The art piece is fabulous. What a great idea. Our tree came down last weekend. I miss the lights, but like you, it's nice to have the space back!


That artwork of your house is so charming and I love that book as well. I used to read it to Hannah and now I read it to Jackie. Love the birds, too. Bring on spring!


It always makes me a little sad to take down Christmas decorations, but I do like regaining the wide openness and space. I really like your springy bird garland and need to think of something similar here to get me through the cold, dark, and depressing days of February. Your house art is just wonderful!


My tree is coming down next Sunday. I was going to do it this past weekend but decided to keep it up one more week as it was't dropping any needles. That bird garland is so joyful...thinking I'd like one myself along with similar artwork of our home!


I love that bird garland so much! It is just awesome! But your house artwork...! That is brilliant!


Great House pix- We also love the Little house book. The 'footprints' in the snow are so cute. Hope the stay warm


That bird garland just screams spring! I'm over Christmas the day after and can't wait to put away the decorations. Love the artwork Alison gave to you. It could not be more perfect!

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