Unraveled Wednesday: Looking Ahead
Unraveled Wednesday: Arrows


We woke up on Saturday to the stickiest, prettiest snow...


There was snow stuck to even the itty-bittiest branches. You can usually still see through the trees a little bit, even when it's snowed like this, but in addition to sticky snow there was zero wind... it was magical, and lasted well into the morning.

Saturday was also a full-fledged Pajama Day! I've had one or two "close" ones in recent weeks. Most of those days have been spent sequestered in my workroom/office, getting caught up on books and prepping for tax time. I'm pretty much ready with Ali's stuff -- her tax lady might faint! And I'm taking a full head of steam into our personal stuff... maybe this is the year that I break the cycle of last-minute filing!

Sunday was a bit more... active. I had departing Airbnb guests, so crossed a few things off of that checklist right away in the morning.


I'd wound up my Bang-out Sweater yarn on Friday, started a sleeve-swatch (I love how it knit up!), and contemplated the knitting ahead. It all clicked on Sunday morning. I frogged my swatch, rewound the ball, and spent a lot of time on Sunday afternoon figuring out the details for the pattern modifications I have in mind. Stay tuned! I'll be casting on again on Saturday -- for real! I'm so excited. It feels like ages since I knit a sweater for myself (though really only a little over a year).

On Sunday night, Ali & I took Junah & Ginny to see Blue Man Group in Appleton.


Our seats were a little "up there"! And the railing seemed awfully low... I never even thought to check what level those box seats were on. For some reason, I was just thinking they were first floor, but we were on the FOURTH! So, a part of the stage was blocked from our view, but it was very cool to see some elements of the show (especially lights) from on high. I made the mistake of parking in a nearby ramp, and it took over an hour to make our exit... Ali took Junah to the bathroom, and then made another trip with both kids to get some food, and I hadn't moved an inch while she was gone either time. I will never make that mistake again!




Those are nose bleed seats - I'd have been worried about that low railing, too. Glad you had fun, though, and I love that yarn you have chosen.


There is something so very cool about a live concert - no matter the seats! Will Junah and Gin claim "Blue Man Group" as their first?! (something tells me nope!) I am watching this latest Bang Out a Sweater and cheering you on! and oh my goodness shoot me, I am also considering another winter sweater for me ... hopefully I'll come to reason before I'm ready to cast on again!


That snow is lovely and magical, Blue Man Group looks like loads of fun, and I'm looking forward to your sweater process. It sounds like you are ready and rarin' to go!


There's something so magical about that kind of snow, particularly when it happens on a weekend and you can stay inside in your PJs all day to enjoy it!

Despite the less-than-ideal seats, I hope the kids loved Blue Man Group! My husband and I saw them in Vegas years ago and thought the show was a hoot.


What a fun weekend -- except for the parking ramp situation. We learned that lesson, too long ago. . . Parking ramps always seem like a great idea. When you're coming in. Not so much when you want to go home! I've never seen Blue Man Group, but I'll bet it was fun for all of you. XO


Oh gosh, that low railing would have had me worried. Sounds like a good time otherwise (except for parking). I really do love your Stormy yarn for Bang Out a Sweater and can't wait to see it! Your snow was beautiful.


Blue Man Group is so great! I'll bet the kids loved it. Here's to a pajama day...the storms have not been timed for that here but there's still time! :-)


What beautiful snow! I'm still waiting for snow here. We had about 3 minutes of big heavy flakes mixed in with rain a few days ago, but that is it so far. Today it hit 73 degrees. ugh...
Can't wait to see how your sweater knits up!

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