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(Last) Weekending

I am so happy that we decided not to skip a visit to Biltmore this time! IMHO, it seemed like a hefty admission price -- even without all the optional add-ons (of which we opted for zero) -- but now that I've visited, I can see why. The house is gorgeous and well-cared for -- loved, even. It's off-season, so there were some things happening, such as refinishing of the wood floor in one of the halls, and repairs to the walls. The walls were plastered and stenciled, so there was a craftsman touching up the paint and it was so cool to watch him for a few minutes! Spring is just barely beginning to spring, so there were obvious signs of work being done in the gardens.

Oh, the gardens!

But first...


Yes, I sprung for the tourist trap photo op!

I took a few photos inside, but honestly, it's difficult to capture -- and, sometimes, I'd just be stunned by what I was seeing that I'd just forget that I even had a camera, or know that I wouldn't be able to capture half (swimming pool, bowling alley, kitchens and store rooms).


This servant's room, with its sweet "counting sheep" garland at the foot of the bed, certainly caught my eye. It was quite a nice room, too, and the staff was paid very well (New York City wages) back in the day.

I shared an orchid-centric post on IG the other day, so I'll (mostly) spare you those photos here. The Conservatory was...


...well, it's February and we came from cold snowy Wisconsin...

IMG_2638 was so warm and green and colorful! And huge.

I love that orchids can be so different. That little wisp of a thing was quite small, though not the smallest. It was just something to see, as was that BLACK variety. The orchids were mostly gathered in a specific area. There was another amazing flower at every turn!


There was also a separate room for cacti and succulents -- a cool variety of size, color, and texture.


In terms of plant life, there wasn't a whole lot happening in the gardens yet. I was enchanted by the walls with their espalier trees, and was very happy to find blooming hellebores.

The admission price also included trolley transportation to different locations/parking within the estate, and a wine tasting, which we really enjoyed. Overall, I think it would be a very different experience to visit in high summer -- there were definitely people around, but it wasn't crowded in the least and we didn't have to wait for anything.

So, that's pretty much a wrap on our Asheville highlights... except for a word or three about food.

  • We enjoyed lunch at Farm Burger on Saturday, knowing that it would be good because we ate there last time, too!
  • On Saturday night we went to Sierra Nevada Brewing in nearby Mills River (actually, right in between Asheville and our Airbnb)... and I cannot get over it! It wasn't even on our radar, but we saw the sign a few times and it had good reviews when we searched for nearby dinner options (plus, I'm a huge fan of SNB's Hazy Little Thing) (and now I have some swag)! It was enormous, and the drive/entry to the property was amazing (lighting shaped like hops). We had a little bit of a wait, so went upstairs to the "High Gravity" room and enjoyed a beer and some live music. Our dinner was fantastic!! Along with Biltmore, I would definitely visit SNB on another visit to the area!
  • And Ingles. I remembered Ingles from last time... and, I just have to say, what a fantastic "grocery" store. I want one.

I hope you had a great weekend!




I've never been to Biltmore, but I can see that I absolutely need to visit. You and Kate look entirely at home on the estate. Can you imagine living there? I might have been happy to work there given the sweet servant's room. I would be really happy working in that conservatory! Thanks for taking us along!


What a lovely place! My husband is from North Carolina, and we visited Asheville and Biltmore years ago. It might be time for a trip back! Those orchids are wonderful.

Jen A

I so want to visit Biltmore; looks just lovely! I have an acquaintance who works in the gardens there. So cool!


Oh man! (That coverlet!! Wow!) I have always had an incredible fascination with antique textiles and that coverlet is divine! The size is unusual! Thank you for sharing such amazing photos!


If what you posted is only a fraction of the beauty you saw, then it was well worth the admission price! The conservatory reminds me of our local conservatory, which has been around since the 1890s. It's always a treat, especially when everything is brown and dead outside, to go inside and see so many plants growing and blooming!


Look at those blue, blue skies!! Looks like you two had such a good visit. Your shots capture the beauty of the place. I organized 3-4 meetings there over the years and it was always a huge hit! Love the orchids and the cacti.


Biltmore has been on my radar for a long time and you have made want to go right now!


I must admit I didn't know much about the Biltmore other than its name and resident. What an experience to see it, walk through it, and be awed by its amazing EVERYTHING. The scale of it blows me away just in your pictures. The orchids are stunning and I really love the black variety as it isn't one you'd see in your local grocery. Thank you for sharing this experience!

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