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Random Friday Things

I saw this when I made my regular stop at the coffee shop the other day:




Forever and always! Clearly, the early morning regulars at the coffee shop feel the same way. Haha.

(Yes, I have been known to flip a roll!)

It's been a crazy week y'all. There are some time- and energy-sapping things happening in my galaxy, about which I'm unable to divulge at the moment, and I'm anxious for their resolution. It's not all about me, but it'll mean some changes for me -- in a good way, I think! It'll be an interesting summer...

And I'm looking forward to our vacation in Mexico even more, if that's even possible.


I'm sure you've noticed that the days are getting longer!! The sun is just beginning to brighten the sky now when I get up for work. We're at just a little over 11 hours of daylight each day. Ya-freakin-hoo.


I had an excellent knitter's mail day yesterday! A package from Briar Rose Fibers arrived with the makings for Andrea Mowry's Nightshift.  And the second installment for the Colourwork Club arrived from Ysolda (yes, I still have to knit the first.)

Vacation knitting planning has commenced!

I started sewing up my Main Squeeze last night... but I think I'm going to listen to the voice in my head, take out that seam, give it a bath and properly block it (this afternoon). Maybe I'll be able to finish tomorrow, maybe not.


Kate and I went out for sushi last night (it's been ages) and this was the light fixture in our booth. I should have taken more photos because it changes color! The sushi was SO GOOD!

It looks like another couple of cold days over the weekend, but then next week we're looking at 40s (F) and that is more than welcome!




OVER, OVER, OVER! (And you're right; it's not even a valid question.) I love your Nightshift kit! I can't tell you how many times I've looked at kits from Briar Rose and others, but I get paralyzed by the multitude of colors and indecision. I hope things get resolved (in a good way if possible) so your time and energy can go towards vacation anticipation and knitting planning!


I got a similar package from them this week too! Very exciting! Glad your vacation is coming good for the soul! I hope your things resolve themselves soon and to your benefit.


Mmmm. Sushi!
And I don’t care about the toilet paper thing. My husband is a true believer in OVER, he’ll change the roll around in other people’s homes. I grew up in an UNDER home. Talk about a mixed marriage! Under does make sense if you have one of those cats that loves to unwind the whole thing.



And that is such delicious looking yarn. What a weird/strange looking light - I like it!! I don't like sushi though...just sayin' (no raw fish for me - I can do the veggie sushi, but not sure that is technically really sushi).

Hope all works out well for you Vicki and you can really get into the vacation anticipation/planning/etc.


I know I'm in the minority but I'm in the UNDER camp. It goes back to when we had a kitten who liked to play with the toiler paper roll. If the paper is coming from underneath it just goes around and around but it stays on the roll. If it comes from over the top the cat can unwind the whole damn thing!


I have a Nightshift kit too, which has been all wound up and ready to go for several weeks now. Other things (gifts mostly) keep jumping the line. If you can get started on yours (and post about it) maybe I can get started on mine...

Robby H.

We had the over/under discussion right after I moved in. He's an engineer... how can he not care about this?! I've been wanting to knit Nightshift. You may have just moved me closer with a place to get a kit. Hope all the "things" in your world go as you hope.

(I owe you an email about that quilt, I'll get it sent this weekend.)


Count me in the over camp (and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who will change the way the roll is placed!). I understand people who do under because of cats, but otherwise there's no good reason for under, if you ask me.

That Briar Rose yarn is stunning!


OVER. (And I have flipped rolls, too. . .)
I'm looking forward to a warm-up here, too. It's so cold today, though, that it's hard to imagine it actually happening. (Sunshine, though. So maybe it will!)
I'm so excited to see your Night Shift take shape!


Over definately. I've been known to change a roll or two at friends' houses. Must be me-that light gives me shivers. I keep expecting spiders to drop from it. Love sushi. Imagine, when we were kids you'd be hard pressed to find sushi in America. Now it's everywhere.
Love your nightshade colors. Briar Rose is one of my favorite yarn companys.


Always over -- unless you have a cat that likes to unroll it. Then under is your friend. (I am catching up on blogs -- can you tell?)

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