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Away we go!

Takin' a Leap! Care to KAL?

In a little email exchange yesterday, blog reader kayT had a BRILLIANT idea! And I thought that Leap Day was the perfect day to launch. No time like the present.

Kay also has a Nightshift Kit ready to go, and noticed that others... ahem, Robby... expressed interest in knitting one (and I know there are others) (Bonny, for one). Perhaps there are others amongst us!

Maybe it's been on the back burner, or you just took delivery of a kit from Briar Rose Fibers after Kym's feature of dyer Chris Roosien last week (me me me), or you're thinking of ordering one, or you have a collection of worsted weight to play with (you need 150 yards each of six colors)...

Whatever the case, let's take a leap and KAL!


KAL details are still in formulation (because I've been busy Banging Out My Main Squeeze today) (squee! it's done!!), but the Knit-Along starts NOW and will end on Victoria Day, which falls on May 18th this year. It's only Victoria Day in Canada, I know, but it's almost always on my calendars and I used to live in Toronto when I was little and my name is Victoria... but I never have the day off! So, there you go. Let's celebrate and do some knitting!

Join us? Anytime! I'm going to cast on tonight.




Aha! Brilliant, am I ? Well, I've moved this from my queue to Projects on Ravelry, (I'm kayT there too) so that's progress. Thanks for getting me moving in the right direction! I know I will need to swatch since I know a size 8 needle is too big for me, so will try to do that tomorrow while the laundry goes round and round.

Robby H.

Wow, called out in public!?! Guess I better quit my daydreaming and see about getting some yarn selected.

Victoria Day... for victory! Such a great idea.


I just bought a whole bunch of Malabrigo Rio from WEBS to knit a NightShift. I'm in!


I'm with Robby; since you've named names, I guess I better get serious about choosing a kit. I can't promise I'll join you or finish by Your (Victoria) Day, but thanks for giving me a push!

Jane Klemm

My stash is calling! This sounds like fun, count me in.


Oh man! I want to knit this as well! I think I might have enough hand spun yarn to do this! I will toss my stash and let you know PRONTO! XO


Looks like a lot of us just needed a little kick in the behind to get us going on Nightshift. Thanks for providing the kick, Vicki. This is going to be fun.


Well . . . I'd love to knit ANOTHER Night Shift, so I'll start thinking about it. I'm really tempted to make one in more "summery" colors this time . . . but I may just end up cheering from the sidelines! It's such a great knit. I can't wait to see all the Night Shifts come into the world! :-)


I love your colors. I wonder if I have any yarn in my stash that would work for this because it is a lovely shawl. And with the chaos of the virus happening, it would be nice for this colorful diversion. Stay tuned.


Beautiful colors. This will be fun to watch (emphasis on the watch part - lol). Much as I would love to knit this, I have too many other projects in queue or in my head. I'll be cheering you all on though!


I suck at group things like this, but ever since I saw a friend wearing a fingering-weight cowl based on Nightshift I have been wanting to make one, too. Maybe when I finish the hat that is OTN right now...


if I hadn't just finished one, I'd be joining in for sure! ENJOY!!


I'm in! thanks Vicki!

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