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The Story of More

I don't have a lot to report today, but I just read an email from Goodreads about new releases and I haven't been so excited about a new book in a while!


The Story of More: How We Got to Climate Change and Where to Go from Here, by Hope Jahren, will be released on March 3rd (and is already pre-ordered, thankyouverymuch)!

You may recall that I was a big fan of her first book, Lab Girl!


Still one of my all-time favorite listens! So, I just wanted to share!

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I remember how much you loved Lab Girl - that's why I read it myself. It's great that she's written another book, particularly on this topic.


A book that explains climate change, how we got here, and what we do now is definitely one I want to read. Thanks for the heads-up!


Off to get on the wait list at the library! Thank you for the heads up!


Looks like a must-read for sure! Thanks.


I'm not sure how I missed these before, but they're definitely going to my TBR list now!

Kymberly Mulhern

That looks terrific, Vicki! Thanks for sharing! There are quite a few really interesting-looking books about climate change that I'm planning to read this year, and I just added this one to the list. XO


And why Typepad just published my "formal name" on the last comment I'll never know. . .


Woot!! I LOVED Lab Girl - thank you for the heads up!


I loved Lab Girl, too. The Story of More has one of the highest ratings I have ever seen on Goodreads -- 4.68! It is now on my official want-to-read list.

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