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Unraveled Wednesday: Bangin' Out a Main Squeeze

I'm joining Kat & the Unravelers today to share what I'm knitting and reading.


So, I've made a couple of modifications to the Main Squeeze Cardigan... the main one being that I've converted the pattern to be knit in pieces and seamed!


(I really cannot stand knitting on circulars.) I'm also following the lead of another maker and knitting the cardigan one size larger on needles that are one size smaller, and incorporating vertical non-button-band front bands -- not only to avoid the circular situation, but because I like the way it looks! Though it looks a little sloppy right now, I think it will even out after finishing/blocking... and if it doesn't, I'll stabilize it with grosgrain.

Anyway, this is one of the fronts -- I never know if it's the left/right front when you're looking at the sweater or while wearing it! You can see where the second ball of yarn was attached just before the raglan decreases begin.


I love the Sand Stitch texture. Pardon the photos, it was going-on-dark last night when I got home!

We Make Our Own Arrows has taken a back seat, but I did make a little progress:


Triangles joined, first tail underway.


It's very contained, so I'll probably bring it along when we head toward NC tomorrow... along with my Main Squeeze and maybe two other projects. Haha! Y'know...


It's the same, so in lieu of that, here's one that Kate scored at the book store the other day:


It's legit.


We made Shirin Polo the other night and it was delicious. We didn't use quite enough chicken and, though not as sweet as I feared, we'll reduce the sugar by at least half next time. There will be a next time... there are a lot of bookmarked pages, so who knows when that'll be!




Your Main Squeeze looks great! I have never heard of Sand Stitch so I googled - interesting. And, I think a bit nicer than Seed Stitch (and easier too!). Arrows looks a bit intimidating to me (and I've had the pattern since it first came out). Looks complicated. Shirin Polo sounds delicious!

Safe travels to you - have some fun! (I'm sure you will)


I think those are excellent sweater modifications you are making and I really like the color you chose. Arrows is looking fantastic, too. You must be very excited about your trip!


Two excellent wips and I'm glad you are taking plenty of knitting along on the drive to NC! Safe travels, have fun, and I'll look forward to more Persian cuisine in the future!

Margie D.

I am fascinated by the Make Our Own Arrows construction. That is not what I was expecting at all! I'm looking forward to seeing more progress posts.

Robby H.

If you're driving, there's really no reason to limit the knitting projects. Anything extra is just like a wooly airbag... deploy as needed. Be safe and have great fun!


I like your Bang Out a Sweater start! It looks great! (and I think for a sweater knit at that gauge, a seam will help it tremendously!)

And, that cookbook looks fascinating!


Such nice texture on that cardigan! I bet you'll never regret converting the pattern to pieces/seaming. There will be better structure to the whole thing -- important, I think, to a longer sweater in heavier weight yarn. That texture pattern is great! And you are just CRANKING on that thing! XO


Your sweater is going to be so cozy with that amazing texture! And I can fix your confusion about right/left references in patterns -- it's always the left or right as you're wearing them.


So - on second thought, I no longer think you're crazy for adding seams to that sweater! they're going to be a good thing - it should fit and keep its shape better. When I read The Stationery Shop last month, I fell in love with the Persian food she described. I'm going to look for a cookbook at the used bookstore.


Great sweater modifications. I think a heavy sweater benefits from seaming - as in it prevents the saggy baggy look. I like the texture of that sand stitch. I will have to look it up.

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