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Unraveled Wednesday: Mitts & More

I'm joining Kat & the Unravelers today to share what I'm knitting and reading.


I love starting/knitting a project while I'm traveling because it's always a reminder of the trip!


I started the beaded Nugget Mitts while we were in North Carolina. The loveliness of this pattern is that the beading is all done in one row! I did that on the first mitt while we enjoyed a little downtime one evening, and now it's perfect travel knitting... and I did a bit of that during the daylight hours on the drive home.

I brought a lot of knitting with me, but this is the only thing I worked on. It was right back to work yesterday -- with a bunch of stuff to catch up on at home -- so I'm just going with this right now and will resume Banging Out a Cardigan when I have more than a second to think & breathe.

Ali & the kiddos were over for a bit last night.


Malina is now wearing the little Beatrice Top that I knit for Ginny -- and topping it off nicely, too! I knit much of that top while on a #whirlwindarttripwithkate to St. Louis in 2017.


I didn't do any reading on vacation, but we listened to quite a few podcast episodes:

I don't usually listen to podcasts very much, but these were so interesting!!

I still haven't picked up my book since returning home, but I have resumed listening to The Dutch House on my commute.

♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

The trip was really great. Even though it was only for a couple of days, there's a lot to digest & share, so I'm going to start small... and right now.


Our Airbnb (plus) cottage was just about the cutest darn thing you ever did see... or ever might stay in.


We each had our own bedroom, separated by the bathroom -- those are the windows you see on the side of the house -- with a comfy & cozy living room and a very nice kitchen. The porch was big and welcoming, and there was a patio and a separate fire pit in the back (which we didn't use, but so nice!).


Great amenities, attention to detail & decor, and lots of little touches -- that's what makes it PLUS! That's a special designation for properties that go above & beyond... it's not available in my area, but you can bet that I'd be shooting for it!

Potentially mutually beneficial shameless plug: If you'd like to try Airbnb, use this link to save up to $55 on your first trip — and once your reservation is complete, I'll get a little credit to use toward future travel, too.

I've stayed at 28 different Airbnb properties in the last six years -- from Scotland to Spain, New York to Oregon, Michigan to Mexico, with many points scattered in between and some quite close to home. You won't be surprised to learn that I freakin' love Airbnb! They haven't all been as stellar as this adorable cottage, but I can honestly say that I've never had a dud. Next week it'll be a year since we welcomed our first guest as Airbnb hosts! We had 38 completed bookings last year, and five already this year -- with another this weekend and 11 more (so far) booked between now and October! We've had between one and five guests at any one time, for as little as one night or as many as 32! It's a lot of work, but I'm still enjoying it... I'll stop when I'm not!




Malina is just adorable! And, what an adorable place to stay! (and those mitts! with beads!!)


That AirBnB is SO cute - just the kind of place I would pick, too. Those mitts are great and I love that the beading is all done on one row because that can get fiddly. Welcome back, you were missed.


Love those mitts, and Malina is so sweet. It's great to see your knit items worn by multiple kids. That is a really nice Airbnb in NC, and if I ever visit WI, I will certainly book with you!


The mitts look like fun. I like a good red mitten. The little top and hat looks darling on that sweet Malina. Looks like you had a nice trip.


Is there anything cuter than a little one covered in handknits? I think not.

That cottage looks fabulous! That's just the sort of place I'd love to stay in for a knitting weekend away with friends.


So when did Malina get so big? (I think I wrote that a while back too - lol). She is just darling and I love that little dress you knit. Beautiful. The nugget mitts are going to be great too. Your AirBnB in NC looks great. I was thinking that some of us knitters ought to band together and come out to your AirBnB for a long weekend of knitting and cocktails and food! Wouldn't that be FUN???


What a GREAT little cottage! So charming. Love the mitts . . . but Malina is the stealing my heart. XO

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