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Weekending: Sunny Days!

I drove out to Ali's on Friday night to pick up Ginny & Junah for a sleepover! It's pretty much due east through open farm country and it was windy, so there was a lot of blowing snow which made driving... challenging. Saturday was sunny & warm, so it was all-clear by the time I returned them (+ Malina) on Saturday night. Sunday was sunny, too, and warm! Ah.


Ali & Rod brought Malina over on Saturday morning and after she had a nice nap, we got busy doing all sorts of things, including a trip to the candy store! At Christmas, I'd given the kids (and Mack & Addie, too) certificates for custom chocolate bars -- they can choose Milk, Dark, or a blend of chocolate, up to four ingredients (Crunchies, Dried Fruits, Nuts, or Sweets), and optional spices. I'd planned an outing for all of us in December, but then illness threw a wrench into that!

Anyway, after choices are made, you can watch as they blend it altogether and put it in a mold. The table with the blue springs at top right is a shaker table -- they put the bars on there for a few minutes to get air bubbles out, and then it's popped into a freezer for :10 to set.

(That's a looonnnnng ten minutes when you're 6 and almost-4!)

Junah chose Dark Chocolate + Gummy Bears + Marshmallows + Peppermint Pieces + Sprinkles. Verdict? Too sweet, he said!! Ha. Next time, he'll substitute at least one of those sweets with Potato Chips, Pretzels or Rice Cereal.

Ginny chose Milk Chocolate + M&Ms + Marshmallows + Sour Patch Kids + Vanilla Chips. She did not seem to mind the sweetness! Ali had a taste and was surprised when she bit into Sour Patch Kids!

It'll be fun to do it again this summer when the boys are here.


I did some knitting over the weekend, finishing the second sleeve and starting on the back. Last night's progress brought me just about to the raglan decreases. The end is in sight, and I'm so looking forward to a finished sweater!

Tonight, I pick up Kate from her trip to Prague!


I had separate messages from Kate & Annie, both of them telling me about their great travel partner (I already knew that!) and how much fun they had! I can't wait to hear more.




You are all about having fun with all the kids! That chocolate bar sounds unique and interesting; I'm contemplating how milk chocolate, peppermint pieces, and potato chips might taste. Your sweater looks great and have fun with Kate home before she takes off again!


What a cool idea for a gift that is - customized chocolate bars. I don't think we have any place near us where you can do that, but what fun! I never would have guessed a 6 year old would pronounce a chocolate bar too sweet! HA! Your sweater is looking great and you are speeding along with it (despite kiddo time). Have fun with Kate back in town!!


I don't know about those candy bar mix ins but it sure sounds like fun. I'm sure you will enjoy hearing about Kate's adventures with Annie!


Oh my! I am drooling over a "me made" chocolate bar! What a divine treat! And, that face of Gin's! LOVE!!


Robby H.

When I first moved to town, my new office was about 3 doors down from a place called "Steve's Ice Cream", IIRC. You picked an ice cream and whatever mix-ins you wanted and they threw it on a chilled slab of marble and folded it all together for a one of a kind treat. That summer there were many office bribes and bets settled with a Steve's trip. If only we'd had chocolate bar options!


A custom chocolate bar sounds like an amazing gift -- and now I want one! I will have to see if there's any place around here that does something like this.


Sounds like a fantastic weekend ... and I'm amazed how fast that sweater is coming along given all the kiddo, driving and chocolate time! oooohh, I'd love to be Kate travel partner ;-)

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